Thursday, May 15, 2008

i get asked this alot...

and apparently it came up in relation to my ital-town food pictures: "how do you eat so much and not gain weight?" here's the deal, folks. i feel like i have a very healthy, balanced relationship to food. i eat what i want, when i want, and drink lots of water, and i'm active as all f**k. dr. rei says she came to the realization, after traveling with me, just HOW much i care about what i eat. to the point where almost everything that goes in, has been thought over, and it's something i WANT. i'm not one of those "fuel in the tank" type of eaters. and i refuse to eat "crap" "convenient" food, unless i happen to be in the mood for so-called crap (like a wendy's frescuit - the new breakfast sarnie. go get it. it's like a cross between the mcgriddle [sugar syrup crunchy nuggets] and the tim horton's breakfast sandwich [flaky biscuit]. best of all: it's served with TATER TOTS). that's kind of why i hate tim horton's and places like kelsey's. i hate it when crap food is *pretending* to be not-crap food at not-crap prices. there are few things more offensive to my gullet than tim horton's chili in a bread bowl, or chicken salad sandwich. so gross. anyway, i would rather not eat, and go hungry for a little bit and walk that extra km (this was often the case in italy) than eat something crappy from some random cafeteria on a street corner. it's just not my style.

in other news, my grandpa called me after coming back from his plastic surgeon (don't ask me why my grandpa has a plastic surgeon or what kind of work he's getting done) and called me out of the blue to insist that i go see the guy to get my foot fixed and that my grandpa would pay the bill. pretty weird. my grandparents are all about status and appearances (in a very typical old skool chinese way) and i think it really burns them (ha!) that i walk around with a noticeable disfigurement.

in other other news, tomorrow night we're having the dotytron's parents over for dinner. i'm making creamed fava bean and mint crostinis; my radicchio, fennel, romano bean and parsley salad; veal saltimbocca; and a meringue, whipped cream, and chocolate chunk semifreddo.

tonight's dinnie was tagliatelle with asparagus, some pancetta, and aged pecorino. i effin' love tagliatelle. it's all about the texture of the pasta.


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