Tuesday, May 20, 2008

fireworks are dangerous

and because dr. rei is a fraidy cat and we were lazy bums and it was hella cold out, we opted out of shooting fireworks at each other and hunkered down instead. dinnie was stupendous. i could have used a bit more spicing on both the lamb and the beef kefta, but dr. rei had been running with egyptians just the night before and she said my shiz was 2-legit 2-quit. so i can also add egyptian grandma to my stable of inner-grandmas (i've got italian, southern black, pennsylvania dutch so far). we tried out bulgarian feta and fell in love. it's so tasty...kind of creamy, not so chalky, and not so briny and stinky as greek feta. i'm a fan for life. dessert was that coconut tapioca pudding. i toasted off some pistachios and ground them up fine, with the intention of mixing them with sugar and sprinkling that on top and bruleeing everything. the pistachios burned and it wasn't a success, so we junked that one (and by "junked" i mean, "scraped off the top and ate it anyway as a second dessert) and i just sprinkled sugar on top and went to town with the blowtorch.

this short work week is messing with my head. on the one hand, who doesn't love a short work week? on the other hand, deadlines for questions that i thought were in the distant future are zooming at me with the speed of something really fast (speed racer before they turned it into the suckiest movie imaginable? seriously...all i saw one still image from the flick like, months ago and i could have told you that it was going to suck. WHY WON'T HOLLYWOOD HIRE ME?!?)

tonight we're having leftover lamb patties in split pitas with that iranian salad, feta, and that cucumber yoghurt stuff dr. rei made. basically the same meal we had last night.

tomorrow is kanye! it totally crept up on me and i'm totally going to be the n00b who doesn't know any of the lyrics to lupe and kanye's choons. yikes. it's also supposed to rain, which is a major pisser as our seats are just on the verge of uncovered territory at molson amphitheatre. i'm meeting my youngest bro bro's gf tomorrow night. and supposedly my other bro bro is bring a date. time to put on my "guess who's coming to dinner?" face and ratchet up my interrogation skills.


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