Sunday, May 25, 2008

bam bam

okay, so my new thing is worrying about whether or not i'm too old to be doing gunshots and hands-in-the-air, and pounding on ceilings and walls, and calling for rewinds and doing my "brrrrrrrup brrrrrrrrrup" and "blap! blap!" anymore. i kinda don't know how to NOT do it when i'm feeling hype or when the spirit takes me. at the kanye show, i was going buck in that 'ardcore junglist kind of way (and i've been listening to a lot of old mixes lately) and these tit-faced 12 year old girls in front of us kept turning around and giving me the brace-face, perpetually embarassed, "OHMYGAWD" look. eeks! i just don't want to be that 40 year old lady in a miniskirt.

according to the dotytron, i get a free pass because i came up through jungle culture so it's real for me. it would be different if his mom was going off and doing that. although M told this story on saturday of how one of her worst bratty-awkward-teenage kid moments was when she told her mom to stop doing the macarena at a wedding and was all like, "that's enough now." my kid is totally going to be "that's enough now" when i do the gunshots at the kindergarten recital, or when i show up at PTA meetings with home-made silk-screened shirts that say: "*insert principal's name* is bogus".

i totally overexerted myself AGAIN this weekend. saturday i spent the majority of the day bent over at a 90 degree angle tending to the garden and hauling bags of mulch around like a regular, old, tough guy. i may or may not have over-mulched...but the garden is looking foine...i'll post pics of it tomorrow. mulch makes everything look so tidy! i also reorganized a bunch of stuff and potted a bunch of annuals. i think it looks pretty nice and i love being out there and having the space to work with. it's such a luxury. then yesterday i went for a jog, came back, stretched, cleaned house like a mofo (there are little to no discernible effects of my house-cleaning efforts), played the game of my life in dodgeball, and then came home. it was epic. on saturday night, as always happens when i watch "stomp the yard", i got all inspired and tried to crump and probably slipped about 15 different discs in my back and herniated 10 other things. it's not pretty. but i want to try! i might take a hip hop dance class this summer. heehee!

last night was hilares. the dotytron busted out this impression of lauryn hill guesting on a nas track which involves the following: four different baby bjorns strapped around her torso, strumming a guitar IN FRONT of the baby bjorns, having a tilted to the side floppy knit cap, a long denim patchwork jacket, and the clincher, a tattoo of erykah badu on her forehead, striding on stage saying, "this is what i've been up to, y'all!" dr. rei and i literally almost peed our pants. we also watched the premiere of "so you think you can dance" which also resulted in a bit where ian, in the voice of the head judge, nigel, accuses a contestant (that they tried to make feel bad for being fat) of sounding like he's "breathing through a cheeseburger" which is making me LOL as i type the words. hilarious. the dotytron's superhero talent is making up dialogue during television shows/movies that's beyond funny. i also got to rant about how spoken word is boring and lame and always about the POLICE.

there's been a shortage of food pic shots so here it is, all at once. the top pics are of the mini lamb patties i made last monday, which we had with my version of the persian salad and leftover cucumber yoghurt dr. rei made, and bulgarian feta, which we're all in love with now. then i didn't cook again til saturday. those are the little corn arepas and black bean chili with my corn chips and pineapple-filled, pistachio-sugar dusted, fried wontons.

yesterday i made stuffed artichokes with a spaghetti tossed with chilies, lemon, red onions and pecorino. really simple and tasty and fresh, and a salad of endive, radicchio, canellini beans with red wine vinegar and olive oil. again, really simple and fresh tasting. i changed the shape on the wontons and they turned out even better this way and were easier to manipulate in the fryer. they're SO SO SO good. you can eat 10 in a row without even noticing it.

today i've got to go home and prep stuff for some dude's retirement party at work on wednesday. for the retirement party, i'm thinking of making eggplant dip with pita chips and either more of the wontons or salted white chocolate oatmeal cookies. savoury and sweet, can't be beat! i'm making a sausage, fennel, and broccoli pasta with a salad for dinner.


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