Sunday, April 13, 2008


i really dug the tunes last night and had a fantastic time dancing, but the dotytron - not so much. we have this old sort-of crew of jungle cohorts how are basically the most disgusting pig-face drunkards imaginable. like, picture the worst possible, stinky, unwashed, booze-seeping-from-your-pores disgusting boozehound with no prospects, and that's the crew. i've been against these peeps and their notorious after parties, pretty much from the get-go, when i realized they were the human equivalent of motley crue's butt-wiping sock. but there was a time, when the dotytron was swept up in the spirit of the rave and getting messy, that he would go to the afterparties and whoop it up. this set a DANGEROUS precedent. basically, the odd time we go out and cross paths with these ne'er do wells, they leave me well enough alone, because i make it VERY clear that i'm not interested in having beer spilled on me/someone spitting into my mouth/someone invading my space and talking way to close (it's almost hilarious the amount of cirque-du-soleil limbo-esque back-bending contortion i can do to move myself away from the onslaught of booze-induced close-talking)/and otherwise pandering to people who are so far gone that they're not making ANY sense. so i just go, find myself a spot, and dance. the dotytron, because he didn't set boundaries, is ACCOSTED because everyone expects him to be party-time slop-face guy. it got kind of ugly. like, wicked ugly.

i'm not going to go into *too* many details to protect the innocent (which isn't really anyone but me and the dotytron, actually), but i will say that fanu showed up wearing a brand new alice in chains t-shirt that was kind of sad and heartbreaking at the same time in that "clueless finnish immigrant" kind of way. but then i still hate his face. so it was a tough call. apparently he thinks the dotytron looks like tony hawk. lol! what a crazy finnish immigrant.

in other news, i didn't make steak sandwiches because i spent all day with h, baby deliah, friend m, and that guy...i made the t-shirt pictured at left, which in retrospect, i should have worn out last night. but it's handy to have this t-shirt on hand so that when i go out all summer, it's saves me time from yelling into some random bozo's ear as they're trying to get all up in my grill.

oh, but instead of making steak sarnies...we ate at popeye's. it was kind of a debacle, because there's a popeye's that's closer to us (in the delivery respect) but they're always a**holes and the food isn't as good. so i called my regular popeye's and he was all like, "there's one closer to you, why don't you try them first because it might be quicker." so i was like, you know what? i'm all about second chances, let's DO IT! but then the dude at s**ttier popeye's was saying that i needed a TWENTY DOLLAR MINIMUM order, which isn't true, because i've ordered from o.g. popeye's and we always get by with a $15 minimum. so i talked to the manager, and i was like, "how about instead of me buying all this extra food i'm NOT GOING TO EAT, i just make it up in tips" and he's all like, "it's the principle of the matter, blah blah blah" so i got all fed up and called o.g. popeye's, and i was at $18 and the person on the phone didn't even give me a second thought. it was all like, "your total is $18.23 ma'am, it'll be there in 45 minutes." this is how we DO. no more non-o.g. popeye's ever again!

anyway, the point of that rambling interlude is to show you that popeye's is amazing because they STILL SELL DEEP FRIED APPLE PIES. i realized this fairly recently. it's AMAZING. i haven't had a deep-fried fast food apple pie since 1992, when mcdonald's made the highly regrettable decision to switch to a baked format. it was a horrible, horrible mistake. it's nice to see that popeye's understands just how delicious a crispy, blistered, tube of apple pie filling is, and how it speaks to the very core of you.

today is a day of some small tidying, then meeting up with dr. rei to regale her with tales from last night, and then dodgeball, wings and home for the wire. i'm going to try to do a soupcon of homework before that too.


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