Monday, April 21, 2008

why are all the good love songs

written about white girls? case in point: the rolling stones' "she's a rainbow":

She comes in colors ev'rywhere;
when She combs her hair
She's like a rainbow
Coming, colors in the air
Oh, everywhere
She comes in colors

i want to dance into the room like a refraction of light through a prism, casting a spectrum of summery colour over walls and feet. i want to dazzle. instead, my lot in life is to be a swarthy, brazen, dense, ball. like the ball in the opening sequence of "raiders of the lost ark" (more of a ginormous boulder, really), decimating everything in my path and trampling all that is good, tender, and sweetly innocent.

despite this small quibble about the shortage of rolling stones' songs that i feel can accurately be said to encapsulate my life, the combination of summery weather conditions, good food, good friends, family, and being done school is an exceptionally magical elixir. how do people live in countries without spring? what does it feel like to be bereft of that moment when the sun's rays turn from being thin and waspishly cruel to warm and full and fat and jolly? to not know the benediction of turning your face up to the sun and feeling the heat suffuse your skin? to loll around underneath the sun's rays like a fat seal on a warm rock? i feel badly for them, i do. i wouldn't give up all four seasons for anything.

i'm happily working on the italy trip stuff (and to truly approximate the degree of "happily" i entreat you to picture a big, rotund pig, snuffling around in mud for tender shoots and leaves, with its' ears flopping over its' eyes. THAT kind of "happily"). only a week to go! i can't believe it. it went from being a joke bandied about between myself and dr. rei, to this spectre in the back of my mind as i was buzzing about with work and school, to a full-fledged, real, live TRIP! upon which i'm ACTUALLY embarking! how did THAT happen?!? oh oh oh the things we'll see, the history to be steeped in, the pork to consume. is there anything better than setting off on an adventure with your favorite people in the world? i'm almost beside myself. but that's starting to verge dangerously close to "tempting the fates" territory so i'll only admit to a mild twinge of anticipation. a mosquito bite, really.

as much as i'm an avowed fan of winter, i can't help but welcome the tidings of spring and summer. sleepy days spent sprawled on big brown (the couch) lazily working my way through some pleasure reading (!!!!!) while the heat filters its way through the screen and mixes with the smells of stale, brassy, height-of-summer torpor and the keening whine of bugs and lawn movers. when the days seems to hang suspended in the density of heat-induced immobility. when you yearn for the sound of ice clinking in a glass and the feel of fresh water lapping at your feet. the sweet, deep sleep of a sun-drunk day.

i grabbed the new michael ondaatje book from the library - "divisadero" it's going to be my plane reading. i'm going to bring a non-fiction work, too. two books. that's IT! (plus my assorted guidebooks and notebooks and restaurant recommendation books). there's something about the ceylon-steeped, sepia tones of ondaatje's writing that screams summer to me, even as the heaviness of the subject matter suggests the steeliness of winter. i feel such a connection with his style of prose, more so than almost any other canadian author i've ever read. maybe he calls to my post-colonial soul? the imagery he chooses, the poetry of his descriptions, the disregard for temporal constraints and narrative conventions...i haven't read a piece of his that i haven't loved. i'm excited. it's nice to be jonesing for fiction again, after my long tryst with comic books and non-fiction.

we saw "forgetting sarah marshall" on the weekend. i love jason segel so this one is a no-brainer. i kind of like kristen bell, but i think what i REALLY love is "veronica mars." it was a touch long, but russell brand is hilarious in it, the writing is quite sweet and touching, the characters are fairly well-drawn, and the musical/puppet element helps to make it a winner (for people like me for whom jim henson embodied all that is good and noble about the world). that and mila kunis is the butteriest love interest ever. i like her more than kristen bell (i never was one for blondes). the movie loses its' focus at certain points, and some of the apatow stable have a problem with really inhabiting their roles...but overall, i quite liked it. probably more than "superbad." we saw a preview for "the pineapple express" and james franco is trying really hard to win me over with his portrayal of lovable stoners and doing really well at it. to think i thought he was all "spiderman" and "anapolis"!!!! when really he's "freaks and geeks" and "pineapple express" and hilarious skits on funny or die!

yesterday was hilarious. me and dr. rei were tooling around downtown, under the auspices of trying to find me some respectable work clothes that don't make me look like a kid in king arthur's court. invariably, it turned into a giant gab-fest where i had the opportunity to be-smirch aidan o'connor's name all over town. to wit: we were in urban outfitters buying undies. and as usual i was running my mouth off about aidan o'connor. so we're standing at the cash and i say to dr. rei:

"aidan o'connor is THE WORST"
*dr. rei continues laughing*
cashier kind of gives this knowing look and says, "i know aidan o'connor"
me: "yeah, well he has scabies"
cashier: "ummm, he's my boyfriend's BEST FRIEND"
me: "well...tell your boyfriend to watch out because he has scabies"
other cashier who's standing behind tit-face cashier and laughing: "just because you have scabies doesn't make you a bad person!"

so we basically wandered around queen west like the tribe of issachah and got all hot and thirsty and picked up bwong en route. then we went to my dodgeball game where i had to iron-man it and i basically turned into a giant, sweaty, puffy, tomato-head. it was very unbecoming. and i didn't play all that well, so i was le pissed at myself. then me, the dotytron, bwong and dr. rei went to harbord fish'n'chips. this of course resulted in an attempt to take a picture in front of the wu-tang mural. we tried like 10 billion times but we didn't have anything to balance the camera on (we had knapsacks, a can of coke, and a can of diet coke). one of the pictures resulted in the camera tumbling off the precarious contraption we had rigged up and landing on the ground with a troubling sound, which stressed dr. rei out. then a kind lady (or so we thought) offered to take a picture FOR US! so nice, right?! so we got all posed up (this involves giving me about 10 minutes to arrange my fingers into the "blood" gang-sign that bwong taught me how to do this weekend. if i ever go to south central, i'm screwed, because it'll take me so long to show my affiliations that i'll get capped in the meantime) and the lady takes a picture, and then goes, "okay, that's good, let's take another one" so she does. then we thank her PROFUSELY and she goes on her merry way. and we're all excited so we run up the camera to check out the pictures. ummm....THEY WERE BLURRY AS S**T. we were all aghast, to say the least. our mouths dropped open. she somehow managed to take TWO of the blurriest pictures i've ever seen! and she totally didn't fess up about it! it was one of the funniest things that's happened to us in a long time. we almost died laughing. the ones we took turned out better. when dr. rei gives me the pics i'll throw them up on here because the transition from our jerry-rigged shots to the ones that she took are so astounding. AND after she left, dr. rei's DIET COKE WENT MISSING. who does that???

okay, this post has been epic. so i'll just do a quick food rundown. the top picture is this spanish-influenced bean and pork stew thing i made in the slow cooker. it consists of beans cooked with saffron, bay leaves and smoked paprika, featuring a pork smorgasbord of: smoked pork hock, pork belly, chorizo, and blood sausage. i cribbed it from my old supervisor, who i'm realizing can cook the pants off of me. hers was much better, but this version was still pretty fly. then there's a pic of sunday breakkie. we had the usual juice, alongside challah french toast with spiced plum compote, vanilla pastry cream, and mennonite sausage. then there's a peanut butter pie. then tonight's dinnie, which was pappardelle, tossed with sauteed leeks, radicchio, toasted pine nuts, chili paste, garlic and parm. served with a caesar salad, eaten outside, because everything tastes better outside. then there's a slice of key lime pie, featuring regular limes, because juicing key limes is a fool's mission (there's no juice!).


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