Saturday, April 19, 2008


that my friends, is the sound of all (read: most) of my cares, worries, and troubles being swept away through the magic of the interwebs at the exact same moment that i pressed "send" on the email carrying my last essay of grad school to my prof. the paper turned out pretty good in the end...i thought it was going to be absolute dogbarf, but i pulled it together and i'm actually pretty proud of it. it was looking grim for a bit (ie. before i started writing and researching - when the thought of having to produce a paper on anything related to my topic seemed like goliath to my david)...and i had resigned myself to shooting low on the "15 pages" length guideline. i was going to go for 12!!! in the end, it came in at a respectable 14 pages and i had more to say than i thought. so now i'm living the hakuna matata life.

it was kind of anticlimatic being done, actually. the other final papers for my other courses were greeted with skipping, ear-to-ear grins, and a general rush of euphoria. this just felt like business as usual. when i woke up this morning (my first morning as a real, honest-to-goodness librarian), it just felt like another saturday i would spend procrastinating from homework. BUT IT ISN'T! i'm free from homework! now all i have to focus and worry about is how sucky i am at my job! and how the deadlines are coming fast and furious! and how clients aren't returning my calls! yay!

last night we saw our first hotdocs. it was a double-screening. a short one called "virtuoso" which is about playing the theremin. the film was only 9 minutes, but about 5 minutes could have been cut. it actually made the theremin seem incredibly boring. which it isn't! and there were a lot of schlocky camera techniques and amateurish fades and the subjects were depicted as simultaneously creepy/freaky/boring, which is kind of a puzzling feat. the next feature, was called "as slow as possible". here's a synopsis from the film's website:

"On his 18th birthday, Ryan Knighton was told he would slowly go blind. It’s taken fifteen years, and as Ryan prepares to let go of his last sliver of sight, he sets out to Germany to hear one note give away to another in the notorious 639 year long organ performance of the John Cage composition, As Slow As Possible."

this was actually a lovely film. it's about loss, time, mortality, and change. the central figure (ryan) is a great, reflexive, thoughtful, and funny subject. it's about legacies and the existential quest of knowing that you've touched people and that your life means something as you move within time. about being heard. it was fantastic. after the note change, the filmmaker is talking to ryan and ryan says something along the lines of: "when i heard the note change, i could tell that something different was happening, and it was profound, but after about five minutes, i started having difficulty remembering the note that had come before it." which seemed like such an apt summation for ryan's transition from sighted to blind.

from there we went to meet up with dr. rei at one of her friend's apartment for a pre-hang before going out dancing. this gathering reiterated to me again why i hate house parties. or maybe i just hate young people? it seemed like a lot of people there were very, very young and i made a new nemesis! his name is aidan o'connor. i loathe him. he basically spent the time at the place either a) in front of the mirror, switching from his toque to various hats and staring at himself intently or b) texting people on his cell phone. it was completely obnoxious and thoroughly objectionable. i wanted to bottle both the toque and the cell phone. me and the dotytron and bwong ended up bailing on the dancing festivities. it's too bad. i think under different circumstances i would have quite liked going out dancing to that night (the music sounds promising) but the peeps left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth and i knew that i wouldn't have a good time throwing my lot in with them. next time! instead, we went and got gelato and whooped it up for a bit before heading home.

today i'm doing some house cleaning, and yoga, and baking, and then maybe going for a bike ride, and then working on our italy food list. soooooooo relaxing! i love that this is what my days are now going to consist of! we're having bwong over for dinner. i'm making this spanish bean stew in the slowcooker, that has a generous amount of smoked paprika, some saffron, pork belly, chorizo, smoked pork hock and blood sausage in it. mmmmmmmmm. we're going to be having this with beans topped with romesco...and a key lime pie for dessert.



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dr. rei said...

dude, congrats on being done school and becoming a professional librarian...time to bruck it up full-time