Monday, April 07, 2008

the weekend that was

somewhat predictably, given the fact that i polished off two assignments in one day (though i can't attest to their quality), and given the fact that this past weekend in toronto was of the warm and sunshine-filled variety, perfect for lolly-gagging and strolling...i didn't do a single damned school-related thing all weekend. instead i sat outside and had people over and talked to the neighbours and watched episodes of "big love" season 1 (nicolette, i hate you!) and knit and watched people flip houses and pretended to be the kind of person in the financial position to be flipping houses. it was lovely.

on saturday night, dr. rei made us a lovely dinner and invited her new man friend over. that's the dinner pictured above. she made us rice studded with persian currant-type things and cooked with saffron and grated carrots. the thing at the top of the plate (12 o'clock) jutting up like a big brown iceberg is a piece of the crunchy bit that's formed at the bottom of the rice pot by laying down pita and oil and settling the rice down for the second cooking. i covet the crunchy stuff like nothing else, and all semblance of propriety goes out the window...i'd probably snatch the last piece of crunchy bit from the hands of the elderly with nary a moral twinge to ruffle the feathers of my insatiable greed. there was also chicken simmered in a tumeric-lashed sauce, yoghurt mixed with cucumber, and a bracingly fresh salad of cucumber, red onion, and tomato and mint. my contribution to the meal was a chocolate cake with a mascarpone frosting which i topped with candied hazelnuts. the urge to do some playing with sugar struck (although this urge was at odds with the humidity of the air) and so i skewered and dragged some hazelnuts through sugar and let them cool and harden, resulting in the sputnik-like jerry-rigging in the second picture above. i wasn't overly happy with the chocolate wasn't moist and fudgy enough for me and it was kind of plain, overall...i should have pulled out the stops more.

on sunday we played dodgeball against my boyfriend's team. those were the semi-finals. we lost, and this week we're playing for last or second-last place. we're not a last place team so i hope we hold it together. it's very frustrating playing with the team right now because it's like the whole team has forgotten how to play/think/strategize dodgeball. we've decided to disband until the fall, but my boyfriend's team is playing in the spring and they need girls so i think i'm going to continue playing with them. i just love love love playing dodgeball and i think i'm getting pretty good at it.

we had dinnie at the dotytron's parents' place. it was roast boeuf. with creamed onions, which i've never had before but promptly fell in love with. i made a caramel pecan banana upside down cake. the caramel was supposed to get all gooey and drippy, but instead, it was kind of hard and crumbly. it was a pretty serendipitous accident as the crunchiness was a nice textural counterpoint to the tender cake and swoosh of whipped cream.

tonight was leftovers for dinner...we've still got a mountain of ham and split pea soup to make our way through so i didn't want to make anything new...and now i'm working on the homework i should have been doing all weekend. ugh. sorry it's been pretty dry 'round these parts lately...i'm sure once i have more going on than school, procrastinating from school, and eating dinner things will pick up...i have some things that i want to say that i've dog-eared for the time being.


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