Monday, April 14, 2008

testament to the human spirit

that's me, to a T. so, one of the things that start to happen when you hang around me enough, is that gradually, little hints are dropped, that indicate my fundamental belief that i can do anything. i may not be able to do it well, but i certainly believe that i can do anything (see previous blog posts re: my ability to luge, fly planes, etc.). one time the dotytron and i were driving through the country and in between singing along to steely dan, he randomly pointed at one of those giant hay bales (the circular ones) and said offhand, "do you think you could lift that" and i immediately responded, "yeah." i didn't even bat an eye or skip a beat. it made him laugh.

on friday night, we were talking at A's house, and i mentioned that my coworker g's husband doesn't believe that i can eat three baconators (i haven't tested this theory, but i'm pretty sure i can), and is willing to pay for the baconators and throw in $10 on top if i can do it. i'm not the biggest person for bet-eating...but i mean, i just don't see what the big deal is. i would certainly feel sick after, but i think i would get tired of the taste before i puked or anything (not for nothing do i call myself "iron stomach lee"). then A started telling this story about the time he broke his shoulder or arm and how there was a trucker in the hospital emergency room, who was in there because he had eaten a bread clip by mistake while making a sandwich in the rig (the bread clip is the little square plastic jobbie that holds the twisted edges of the bread bag together). and i was all like, as if you would go to emergency for that. that's so not a big deal. and everyone was all like, "it's going to tear up your intestines or tear up your butt" but i held fast to the belief that i'm fairly certain i could pass a bread clip through my butt with minimal fuss. at which point, my friend A (my male doppelganger) turns to me and says, "you're just a little tough guy aren't you? you can eat three baconators, crap out a bread clip..."'s so true. i AM such a little tough guy (in my head).

in other news: my sociology prof gave me a one week extension on the paper! unasked!!! argh!!! why would he do that!!! i don't want to be writing all next week!!! i think i'll be okay, i want to have it done by friday, but if i take saturday to write, it'll still be cool. i can't believe italy is in t-minus 15 days (two weeks!) and i don't even have a working itinerary. it's kind of stressing me out, but not really, because the three little bears (dotytron, dr. rei and myself) will be having so much fun just terrorizing a different country.

tonight for dinner i made a steak sarnie with arugala, sliced tomatoes, seared, sliced ribeye, and roasted garlic mayo on toasted ace bakery roasted garlic loaf. we had it with a caesar salad. and i might have banana cake for dessert.


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