Thursday, April 10, 2008

race against the clock

by tomorrow morning i have to finish another paper, which leaves me with just one more to go before this infernal degree is a thing of the distant past. there's so much to do before then! and it's so hard to do it when the sun is calling me and there are birthdays to celebrate and socialness to conduct and a trip to italy to nail down.

i tried doing some work last night but i was pretty pooped and only got one page done (one page that through the creative use of "negative space" [read: double, and sometimes triple spacing between lines/paragraphs/headings] i've managed to transform into 2.5 pages of "material"). i think i was put off by wrasslin' with making dinner last night. the dinner ended up turning out splendidly, but it was a battle to get there.

i made a sandwich consisting of an ace bakery roasted garlic loaf, split and toasted in the oven. i then slathered it with roasted garlic mayonnaise, arugala, thinly sliced tomatoes, and a head of portobello mushrooms i had sliced thickly and quickly sauteed in a little butter with salt and pepper. topped with the lid of the loaf slathered again with roasted garlic mayo. the roasted garlic mayo almost killed me. i made it from scratch and the damned thing broke (aka didn't emulsify) THREE TIMES! three times!!! i've never had that happen to me...and i used to make 4 L pails of chili mayo all the time at bymark. it was tragic and frustrating and involved using all these various gadgets and implements (i went from hand blender, to food processor) and a lot of wasted oil and eggs. in the end though, the resulting mayo was so delicious, that i've scrapped the previous menu plans in favour of meals centring around roasted garlic mayo. blts! steak sarnies! mmmmm!!!

i sided it with a salad based loosely on the persian one dr. rei made last weekend. it's very simple and light and crunchy, though i was missing the dried mint that dr. rei added. i just seeded and chopped some tomatoes, peeled, seeded and chopped cucumbers, and added some diced red onion together in a bowl with salt and pepper.

i also made rice krispie treats. i've made a HUGE breakthrough in rice krispe square hegemony. MICROWAVE THE BUTTER/MARSHMALLOW MIXTURE. it's incredible! it took all of 2 minutes and everything was goopy and smooth with nary a burned piece of sugar encrusting a steel pot to be seen. magical! it's taken rice krispie square production down from a 15 minute ordeal to a 5 minute one. huzzah!

tonight is leftover night. i'm also making devilled eggs and devil's food cupcakes with brown sugar buttercream for my buddy a's birthday hoo-ha tomorrow. this weekend is busy busy. tomorrow i'm meeting a friend for sushi lunch near my work, then a's birthday hoo-ha. then on saturday i'm visiting my friend h and her babe and doing crafts and then going to a drum'n'bass party (yes, you read that, we haven't time travelled back to 1999) featuring this dj named fanu. fanu is basically a jerk who sometimes makes good tunes (when they're don't devolve into noodley, indiscriminate, drum-funk wankery). i kind of seriously dislike him. because he's an idiot. he's basically what would happen if uter from the simpsons grew up and made drum'n'bass. see! annoying!



dr. rei said...

i'm honoured that my salad inspired a a salad by you. *pumps fist* IRAN!

props for making rice krispie squares more effish!

Chris said...

hahah, those pics rule!

btw, 1999? maybe 2005/06. oh how we forget....