Saturday, April 12, 2008

one more to go!

i finished my second-last paper at work on thursday during lunch (i CRANKED out 8 [read: 4] pages of stuff in an hour) so i only have one more to do before i'm a free free free bird with a master's degree (albeit a half-cocked one). weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

in other news: i love love love my kitchener-waterloo-guelph (and the toronto division) crew so much! it's always guaranteed fun times and a million laughs a minute a' plenty. the only thing that gets me bummed is that i don't get to see them nearly enough and it makes me cry a little in my sleep.

i totally got my a-game on this morning and i've done a crapload. i packed up all my winter clothes and re-organized the closet and got rid of 2+ garbage bags FULL of stuff i don't wear (i don't know how i manage to produce two garbage bags full of clothes i don't wear every few months...i haven't even been buying many new clothes lately) and shoes and whatnot. and i mopped the floor. i'm feeling mighty foine right about now.

i'm headed off shortly to visit my friend h and m and h's little wee bebe deliah. i think we're going to make t-shirts and do other crafty things so i'm bringing my knitting too. then tonight is fanu. i don't know what's in the air, but i'm kinda readying myself to go a little bit bucktown tonight. i'm so so hype! i think summertime always screams jungle to me and the fact that i'm nearly done school is just adding to the heady mix of crunk shimmering in the atmosphere. anyway, if you click the link and check out fanu's "digital tunes" section (lower left hand side of the screen) and listen to naphta's "soundclash 1" - that's kind of how i'm feeling right now. that "terrorist"-style bassline! the amens! the rudebwoy samples! the feel of that tune is everything i love about dancing...say what you will about jungle...but nothing captures the spirit of e'd out rhythmic exhilaration quite like it.

tonight for dinner i think i'm going to make us steak sarnies...hollowed out ace bakery roasted garlic loaf, roasted garlic mayo, arugala, sliced tomatoes, medium-rare ribeye thinly sliced. with a big ol' caesar salad and a slice of that caramel-pecan banana upside down cake for dessert.



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