Wednesday, April 09, 2008

i feel shame

confession time folks: while i was procrastinating on saturday (this was during the point when i was somehow still delusional and half-heartedly convinced that i was going to sit in the basement and work on a paper all day), i noodled around on the internet. and by "noodled around" i mean "watched the oprah show on the pregnant man. on the internet. in 5 minutes segments. that took forever to load" lol! THAT my friends, is dedication to the salacious details of a pregnant man.

in other news, i've somehow convinced myself that i coined the joke: "jamaican me horny" and i find it BEYOND funny. i basically laughed myself to sleep about it last night, and these were not laughs of the "demure, inward chuckle" variety. these were side-splitting belly-achers. i think this is a sign that my synapses and psyche are at a particularly vulnerable state. by the end of today, i should have 1 more assignment in the can and another well on its way. *crosses fingers*

the dotytron got wait-listed at york u for teacher's college. it was purely a numbers game...with 6000 applicants for 700 spots. he's a little bummed about it, but the person he spoke to said his application was really strong...the people who got in had SIX HUNDRED HOURS of teaching experience and his 170+ just didn't stack up (he's on the first tier waiting list though). so it's back to the drawing board...with buffalo, and maybe moving away to london or kingston a possibility for him for a year to get this shiz done. it's completely irrational of me, but i blame the roomie, because she was being VERY jinxy and constantly saying, "i know you got it." and then i'd say, "STOP JINXING IT" but she'd PERSIST and say, "it doesn't matter, he got in." so i'm kind of peeved at her for jinxing it...because **i** would never willfully and REPEATEDLY tempt the fates, thus.

last night's dinner was courtesy of the dotytron. whole wheat penne with pancetta and cauliflower and parm. delicious! he did an amazing job because the cauliflower stayed crunchy-crisp. we also had a boring salad of romaine with tomatoes and cucumber in an indiscriminate lemon dressing.

tonight we're having pan-seared portabello mushrooms with roasted garlic and thyme mayo on a crusty bun with arugala and sliced tomatoes. probably with a caesar salad on the side.


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