Sunday, April 27, 2008

hi life! you rule!

yesterday i went for a long run and then i did some paperwork stuff and then the roomie and i went to the "knitters frolic" which is run by the toronto downtown knit collective. it's like knitter-con. it was an old lady fest, but it was kind of cool and they had tonnes of yarn and odds and bobs to buy. i quite enjoyed it and i bought this beautiful japanese swift (i'll post pictures later) and a ball winder which made me the happiest, most self-satisfied little cat you've ever seen. a ball winder and swift basically allow you to wind skeins of yarn into chubby little cakes, that stay put when you knit from them. it doesn't sound like a big deal but it kinda is. the swift is this gorgeous, spindly, orange chrome and steel contraption that has a lovely sculptural quality. i want to paint the walls a clear, turquoise blue just to set up a little vignette.

i was wearing my army shorts and my guns'n'roses t-shirt and i was busy negotiating the purchase of the swift when i felt a hand lifting up my ponytail. i turn around to see this little, frail, wizened old lady with the whitest, fluffiest hair, who told me that she had just bought her grandson a "pirate" t-shirt and that it said blah blah blah on the back of it and she wanted to see what my shirt said on the back (for those of you who haven't seen it, it says "appetite for destruction"). as she turned away, she said, "but the front of your shirt is so beautiful...the colours!" i found this pretty hilarious.

then the dotytron and i went out for a semi-nice meal in the neighbourhood to celebrate my being done school and the fact that we like to go out to eat. we went to "citizen" on queen east. it's owned by the same guy who owns "rosebud" on queen west. i enjoyed citizen much more. the price point is a little lower, but it's still pretty slightly-upscale homey, rustic cooking. which is good, because i can justify paying citizen prices for that style, but i couldn't justify paying rosebud prices for the same thing. the room is pretty and spacious. we started with a bowl of warm mixed olives which was VERY plentiful and generous for $4. there were some pretty under-cured, green, raw-tasting i thing i like them a little more ripe than the large, verdant buggers you see up there.

then we shared a quail salad appetizer which saw a roasted, seared quail (deboned!!!!) sitting atop a mess of greens dressed with a mustard vinaigrette. it was simple and quite tasty.

we shared our mains. i had wiener schnitzel in brown butter with capers and lemon and a fried egg. bliss. pure, unadulterated blissful eating. i got a side herbed spaetzle, which was tasty and crispy browned, but needed a touch of salt. the dotytron had a gnocchi in a braised shortrib ragu. it was delicious, although also a touch underseasoned. it could have used the barest kiss of salt and it would have been topnotch.

for dessert i had a vanilla creme brulee which was quite tasty and vanilla-y but just a bit too runny for my liking (and i likes me a loose brulee) and the dotytron had this chocolate brownie napolean thing which was layered with a white chocolate cream cheese thing. i think if they had just layered the brownie with whipped cream, or a cream cheese filling it would have been perfect...the white chocolate made it a trifle cloying and tacky for my taste. all in all, it was really good, and it came to under $100 total (not including tip), 1 beer.

i would definitely go back. then we met up with bwong to see another documentary, "planet b-boy" it was AWESOME! the south korean and japanese teams were so hot cuz they were so fly. the choreography was top notch and the moves were slick. it was definitely one of the more entertaining hot docs i've seen and definitely well worth the late (midnight!) screening. i enjoyed it immensely. the german a**hole who runs the world b-boying championships is scheisty as all get-out. the attendance since the event has started (in 1990) has risen to 10,000 from 800. the prize money is 3,500 euros SPLIT BETWEEN THE TOP THREE TEAMS. wtf?!? where is all the money going?!?

today i went for a run and went to a yoga class and now i'm going to eat some dippy eggs and toast, work on mulching the garden (we went cedar this year instead of cocoa shells) go play dodgeball, and see the last documentary of 2008 hot docs. this one is called "milosevic on trial" about the war crimes trial of slobodan milosevic and how he chose to defend himself at the tribunal. then nachos for dinner and "the wire" and two more sleeps til italy!



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