Thursday, April 24, 2008

done in by greg's part deux

not to be confused with "hot shots part deux." you can tell the two apart because this entry will contain about 60% less saddam hussein. (maybe). (actually, probably not).

work is a buckshot massacre right now. i've skipped lunch two days in a row! worked straight through!!! and since my lunch usually consists of a couple of grapefruits and an apple (stuff that's fairly easy to cram down my maw while typing) that's saying something. i don't like it. i've also been getting up insanely early. like, senior citizen early. 6:30 in the morning. i also don't like that because i'm starting to look haggard. the lack of sleep, the work stress, and the insane amounts of tacos and ice cream i've eaten the last few days, plus the not getting a chance to run is making me feel like a chubby chicken. or maybe i'm pmsing. my hand is also getting all michael jackson-y again with some hyper-pigmentation spots. i don't get it. if i'm supposed to be a nubian princess, i'd rather have it over and done with. you'll be happy to know that i'm not aggressively treating it with some strange concoction of my own devise consisting of equal parts old steroid cream dug out from the moldy depths of the bathroom cupboard and pepto bismol and crushed up cat allergy medicine tablets (belonging to my brother...he leaves it here). i did make an appointment with my dermatologist. i feel like it's related to this sunscreen i slathered on a few days ago (also dug out from the moldy depths of bathroom cupboard).

yesterday i took dr. rei for a pedicure. somehow, i ended up choosing the only "spa" in all of toronto that gears itself to black people. it was maaaaad irie inside the ride. it was kind of funny. and the lady who did my feet was putting about negative 20 quid worth of love into the job. if she could have spent the whole time kissing her teeth, i think she would have.

then we went to el trompo, where i somehow convinced dr. rei to get fat with me when we turn 50. el trompo was so so. i think i still like tacos el asador better. we had the tacos al pastor (i think)...chunks of pork with pineapple and onion (?) in soft, mealy, corn tortillas. we also had a guac (okay...but not as good as mine). the best thing we had was queso fundido, which is a small gratin dish filled with melted cheese (we had ours with crumbled mexican chorizo) and served with some flour tortillas, so you can kind of build your own quesadilla. that was amazing. but,'s melted cheese. that's like a no brainer. that's like trying to get me to fall in love with an old chinese man holding a fat kid. you have to put a *little* effort in, you know?

so today i got coaxed into a tacos el asador mission with bwong and dr. rei because we're family and we can't get enough of each other. i don't understand the point of hanging with people you don't really like. i don't have very many friends, but the ones i have i adore and they're the BEST, so i'd rather hang out by myself, then chill with peeps that aren't completely my people. then we went to greg's for ice cream, and even though i was really really really full, i still got two scoops. not only did i get two scoops, i kvetched about the tit-face ice cream scooper chick giving out chintzy portions. call me sexist, but i don't believe women should scoop ice the very least, the women hired in ice cream parlours should look like they eat a lot of ice cream themselves.

while we were eating the ice cream we saw someone walking down the street with a weimaraner puppy. "awwww," says dr. rei, "look at how cute that dog is!" "no way!" says bwong, "that dog looks moldy" ahahahahahahahahahaha. i honestly can't think of a better description for a weimaraner than moldy. hahahaha. i'm still laughing about it.

i'm supposed to be skyping my friend in b.c. tonight. i'm not sure how i feel about turning into a cyborg. i'm also not sure how i feel about the inevitable delay. i also hate hearing myself on long distance calls. i'd probably be a lot more patient with the poor lady named "cynthia" calling from bangladesh to sell me an upgrade on my home phone line if i didn't have to hear my voice echoing down the line.

tomorrow is friday! that means 5 more sleeps to italia!


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