Saturday, April 05, 2008

2 in the can, 3 to go!

i finished two assignments yesterday which means that 1 course is IN THE CAN! now i just have to write 2 more big essays and 1 annotated bibliography and i'll be officially DONE! the problem is the motivation factor and the fact that i'm busy, still trying to have a social life, and i'm working around someone who is in a bit of a funk. poor dotytron. it's discomfiting and unsettling to have him in this state and to feel powerless to change it. i also feel constrained by all that i have to do right now and feeling guilty that i can't be there for him.

i'm having mild anxieties around the fact that i can't do business writing to save my life. my memos require fairly extensive revision and i'm really feeling beaten down about it. apparently i have trouble understanding that our clients are EXTREMELY busy and i'm not succinct enough for their frenetic, blackberry-driven lives. i write memos that **i** would want to read. which means that i probably over-explain like a mofo, but to me, context is everything! if i'm asking a question, i want the background, the frame, all the attenuating stuff that adds meaning. maybe business writing isn't for critical thinkers?

more than a month ago i finished reading chuck klosterman's "IV: a decade of curious people and dangerous ideas." i barely even remember it now, but i remember not liking it as much as "sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs." this one was way too self-aware, and much more smug. and instead of covering a wide swath of pop culture flotsam and jetsam, instead consisted of interviews and op-ed pieces on musicians and bands that i don't care about, like the white stripes and radiohead. it definitely felt like more of a chore to get through, and it wasn't my style.


last night's dinner was delicious. i was feeling positively giddy at finishing an assignment over lunch at work, so i decided to go for a component-heavy meal. i bought some halibut filets, and breaded them with panko and fried them. i put these on top of some potatoes that had been parboiled, then fried up with chunks of a semi-dry spanish chorizo until they bristled with crusty-crunchy brown exterior and were creamy smooth on the inside. i roasted some asparagus and made a romesco sauce to go with. it was delicious! i over fried the chorizo a little. next time, i'll start them in the pan, get them rendering, then pull them out, fry the potatoes in the fat, add the chorizo back in, and deglaze with some apple cider or cider vinegar. that's based on a tapas we had in spain that we fell in love with. for dessert i made some granny smith apple fritters (since i already had the deep fryer going for the halibut) and served that with the bourbon toffee sauce and some vanilla ice cream. the fritters were nice. more doughnut-y than crisp on the outside, the tartness of the apples really made the fritters taste bright and zingy. i tossed some in cinnamon sugar after they came out of the fryer, and the crystalline crunch of the sugar made up for textural deficiencies in the recipe.

today is a beautiful, sunny, warmish spring day replete with chirping birds and chartreuse bulbs peeking out from the soil, reaching for sun. ...i will be spending this day inside, working on an annotated bibliography. they really didn't time this school stuff properly. i have to bake two cakes today, one for dessert tonight, and one for dessert tomorrow, and i think i'm going to take a quick jaunt out to the bank to get some money and take my bike in for a pre-season tune up.

tonight we're having dr. rei, her new man friend, and bwong over for dinner. dr. rei is cooking us a persian feast. i made a very un-persian dessert of chocolate cake with mascarpone cream and hazelnut praline on top. i'm hoping that having friends and laughter around will make the dotytron buck up a bit.


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