Thursday, March 06, 2008

why my sister is better than yours

one of the many reasons that i think my sister is so amazing (aside from the obvious: she's sweet, smart, tender, caring, the best mom i know, she puts bad people in jail for a living, tough, etc.) is that for someone in their mid-30s, she's still pretty effin' cool and like, WITH it. i don't know many other peeps that are her age, have two kids, and are married to a boor (haha, j/k outlaw bro!), who know who tay zonday is (and above and beyond that, think he's awesome) or what the deal is with the 2___s, 1 ___ phenomena (salient parts blanked out to protect the innocent). anyway, one of the things she's introduced the rest of the family to, is this vh1 show called best week ever. it's a HI-larious rundown of pop culture ephemera, internet viral memes, etc. you know all those shows on much music with "canadian" comedians trying to be flippant AND funny about stuff? it's like that, except these are ACTUAL comedians and they're ACTUALLY funny. and they're also talking about up-to-the-minute ish, not rehashing paris hilton as if anyone gives a flying f**k. anyway, this week on best week ever's website, they featured this video, made by a hamilton crew of sketch comedians known as the imponderables. i know of them through dr. rei. they did the following video, which is pretty flippin' hilarious. convergence!!!

tonight for dinnie i made a chicken and dried apricot tagine (with ground almonds, orange juice, mint, baby carrots, chicken stock, berbere powder, cinnamon, ground ginger, and paprika) on top of whole wheat couscous tossed with toasted almonds and pistachios, and sided with eggplant stir-fried with honey and mint. pretty tasty! i made a boatload too. we'll be eating this for a while!

tomorrow is a day of work and then we're going to the dotytron's nany and poppa's place for dinner. i LOVE the dotytron's nany and poppa. they're the most adorable people around (readers should search for "nany and poppa" to find previous stories of our encounters with them - the dog and the alcohol is a notable yarn) and they always make a great meal. actually, i love all the grandparental units i'm around. the dotytron's grandpa is a stoic, dry kind of guy, and well, my grandparents are hong kong gangsters. i'm bringing a lemon curd tart with whipped cream for dessert. so far spartan-week has gone reasonably well. i feel a lot better and i've banished my throat tickle and i can't help but think the two are related (but i'm a raging, neurotic hypochondriac, so what do i know?). i'll post pics of tomorrow's dinner fo' sho.



dr.rei said...

i actually searched out the nanny and poppa story about the's still so so funny! heheheh love it!

dr.rei said...

ps. i'm so happy for the impondies!!!

Anonymous said...

The only reason I stay effin' cool is because I have effin' amazing younger siblings who keep me up to date!!

love ya!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

i can't believe that dog ate crack in the barbados!!!