Monday, March 03, 2008

well played, wendy's, well played.

the past few weeks have been an orgiastic tumult of baroque style eating at casa dotytron and lagerfeld. i mean, for the most part, we've been eating a good amount of home-cooked food, but after the weekend spent in the states, then last weekend with my family, and then this weekend of the ritualistic goose dismemberment, things haven't been too ship shape and i'm starting to feel slightly the worse for wear.

yesterday was supposed to herald the return of the REAL lagerfeld - slim, trim, and kale-filled. things started to go cock-eyed when i followed up my breakfast of freshly squeezed beet-apple-cucumber-celery-orange juice and bowl of steel cut oatmeal with a lunch of goose meat, a raspberry jam bar, and 2 profiteroles stuffed with lemon curd. oops. at that point, i was willing to throw in the towel and acknowledge that i probably wouldn't feel like coming back from dodgeball and making the stirfry. so after the game, we bandied around a few suggestions and settled on wendy's. WITH THE BEST OF INTENTIONS. we drove there (courtesy of bwong) and had a long discussion about how the baconator was TOO MUCH (actually, it was more the dotytron on this jag), and how there wasn't enough vegetable, and you felt like hell afterwards. the dotytron was hoping they had his jalepeno cheese melt thing, because he felt it struck just the right balance between spicy vegetal matter and beefy patty. yes, we all agreed, the baconator just didn't feel right last night. i was toying with the idea of a chicken sandwich, and the dotytron and bwong were going to go with the big bacon classic. we roll up to the drive through window, but it wasn't operational. then we go through some parking hurdles. then we finally enter the wendy's and lo and behold, before us is an eye-level sign for "the NEW spicy baconator". i pointed at the sign and i think all our mouths dropped open. it's basically the baconator except with two slices of pepperjack cheese and jalepenos and some kind of spicy sauce (like a chipotle mayo - but wendy's-style). how could we possibly be expected to resist? so wendy's won. and we ate that and felt like hell afterwards, but i think we all collectively agreed that we were going to start a day of spartan-like restraint and gastronomic asceticism today.

so far so good. two slices of multigrain toast with peanut butter, 2 bananas, a glass of orange juice, a tonne of water, and 3 handfuls of spiced nuts i made over the weekend for lunch (as an aside, my friend d inspired me to put corn nuts in a spiced nut mix...and sweet holy mother of all that is sweet and holy, corn nuts are AWESOME!). the spiced nuts are easy...i whip some egg whites until nice and foamy and then toss the mixed nuts (i buy raw, unsalted versions of the following: peanuts, cashews, pecans, corn nuts, and almonds) with smoked paprika, cayenne, salt and sugar. they're pretty tasty and make a good work-snack. i also have a grapefruit and an apple i'm going to tear down later...and i'm going to try to fit some yoga in when i get home. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, spartan life. for dinner tonight we're having that veggie stirfry...i think i'm not going to go to the trouble of the crispy noodle pancake and just mix the veggies and sauce with the noodles. keep it simple. the veggies are: broccoli, asian eggplant, snowpeas, green onions, and red pepper. with tofu chunks. in a spicy black bean sauce. i feel more virtuous and healthful just typing those words.

then it's a night of homework and knitting, and maybe we can squeeze in the very last episode of season 2 of the wire. poor sobotka. you poor union shlub. poor unions! going the way of the dodo. it makes me sad, but it also makes me mad that all those union shlubs are so shortsighted that they contribute to the (somewhat accurate) private sector public perception that union peeps are lazy. you can't have it both ways, shlubs!

pictures to be posted of tonight and last night's dinner later.



aaron said...

you felt like hell after eating it.... but how WAS it?

I was bemoaning the death of the jalapeno melt last time i was at wendy's. My big problem with the baconator is that there's nothing to cut through the grease (not talking from a health standpoint). it's all sweet&grease. the spicy/sour of jalapeno's sounds like it'd make it edible as it did for the jalapeno melt.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

it was AMAZING. here's the thing with the baconator - it's actually not THAT crazy. yeah, it's six strips of bacon, but the bacon is like 1/3 the size of a regular bacon rasher, so it's a regular breakfast serving. and the patties aren't THAT crazy thick (it's the fact that wendy's makes their patties so beefy tasting).

the jalepenos really did add some much needed crisp/crunch/heat.

i hope they keep it around forever.