Monday, March 31, 2008

tell me if this is a good idea

(i'm mostly soliciting the opinion of steph on this one. if she still reads this pathetic excuse for a blog). i've been toying with the idea of getting a digital perm this summer. i'm sick of fighting with my naturally voluminous, giant, thick, bushy hair and trying to get it to be straight, and i've noticed mad asian hotties flouncing around town with bouncy, juicy, beautiful, soft, waves and curls, and i can't help thinking that that could be ME. although, i don't know if it works on my super-thick, super-stubborn, super-coarse hair. i have the most UN-asian hair ever. i mean, just looking at that picture i can tell you that that girl probably has the straightest, glossiest, thin, shiny asian hair around. mine is the opposite of all that. anyway, i'm sick of going straight, and my adventures in hair-curling last summer had me inspired and since i have a tendency to get all hippie earth-mama (bring on the muumuus!) in the summer anyway, why not get soft curls? the contraption looks CRAZY. apparently it sends an electrical charge through the hair and it lasts for like, ever and it's awesome because asian people are the best like that. what say you? yay or nay?

in other news, tell me if i'm being a b***h about this scenario or not. so, i really really love my steel cut oats. it's like the whole oat grain that's cut into tiny pieces (instead of being steamed and rolled the way most oatmeal - instant or otherwise - is). it takes forever to cook and i like to eat it for breakfast. it bears repeating that it takes FOREVER to cook and you kind of have to babysit it. so every time i get it ready the night before (you can shave some of the cooking time off by soaking the oats in the cooking water overnight) and every time i make it, the roomie asks if i can make enough for her too. so i do. every. single. time. for the past two years she's been living here. she LOVES this stuff too, and will rhapsodize about how it's so much better than regular oatmeal, etc. then i realized, that if i didn't make it, she would never, EVER make it for herself. she just wouldn't eat it.

so i started getting a little annoyed at the fact that she would never do the work of prepping it the night before, or get up early to stir it and stuff, and i would make these exasperated comments like, "how come YOU never make ME oatmeal?!?" half-jokingly (this is obviously not THAT big of a's not like sunni and shiite over here). then she would claim that she "didn't know how" and that it was "too hard" (it's a 3:1 ratio of water to oats, and then you simmer it until it's done. seriously. that's it). so i told her how to do it a million times, but she still won't do it and will always ask me to add some for her when i make mine. anyway, the long and short of it is: i've gone on strike. i only make it for myself now. and i will continue to be on strike until such time as she makes ME a bowl of oatmeal. she knows i'm doing it. she doesn't ask me to make it anymore (i'm nothing if not a vocal and plainspoken striker) but she just doesn't eat oatmeal. so i'm on strike until such time as she makes us a bowl of oatmeal. barring that, i'm only looking out for myself in the oatmeal department. does that make me a b***h? sometimes i can't tell anymore.

don't get the wrong idea. inter-housal relations are going swimmingly. this oatmeal thing is not going to result in anyone having to find new living arrangements. but i will continue on my tireless, quiet civil disobedience crusade until my dream of having oatmeal made for me comes to fruition.

that's a pic of last night's chicken noodle soup. tasty looking, eh? if i somehow manage to avoid contracting the dotytron's flu, i will be a miracle of modern science *knocks on wood* i've basically been bathing in a sea of viral matter as our house guest precluded me from sleeping elsewhere, so i've been sharing a bed with the dotytron's snot-headache-tired form for the worst of his bout. so far, i don't think i've had the flu before *knocks on wood a billion times* this probably just means that my body doesn't give it up to any old run-of-the-mill pansy a** influenza. no sir. only the hulking, stone-cold steve austin avian bird flu for me, thanks. tonight for dinner i cribbed from the dotytron's nany and poppa and made a rigatoni in a roasted yellow pepper rose sauce. so easy! 1 onion, chopped, sauteed with garlic. roasted off 2 yellow peppers, took the charred skins off, cut them into small pieces and added that with a can of diced tomatoes to the onions and garlic. seasoned and simmered it and finished it off with a glug of cream. with a baby spinach salad with avocado and red onion on the side. delicious and nutritious. i'm shoring up the bodily reserves to fight off any potential infection waiting to colonize my stressed out body. not on my watch!



steph said...

OMG, I have never heard of a digital perm. I say, yes do it, and can I come with you when you get it done? They didn't offer that service at my salon, and I want to see what it is like. If it does what it says, it would be a miracle. I need to see this happen and then have a play by play of the next few months. AMAZING!!!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

of course you can come with me to get it done! we can terrorize pacific mall and get tonnes of knock-off dior and shiz.