Monday, March 10, 2008

note to self

a) don't try to do 150 crunches in a frenzied attempt at a pre-emptive strike for the good of health (knowing that your weekend is going to consist of both a sour cream apple pie with pecan crisp a la mode AND the deepest, richest, devil-dog cake with 7 minute frosting), after you've been mia on the crunch-front for the better part of 6 months
b) don't undertake (a) when you're going to be suffering the ill effects (achy stomach) and you know you're already prone to being a hypochondriac
c) don't undertake (a) when you know that in the same weekend, you're going to see a film about a mysterious, rare, condition known as "locked-in" syndrome, about a guy trapped in his own body after suffering a cerebrovascular stroke, because the addition of (b) is going to result in you being extremely paranoid of every miniscule ache, phantom pain, and twitch in your extremities.d) after seeing the film noted in (c) make sure you tell everyone you know that you love them and make sure you take extra special care of your extremities and make silent avowals of your love for your nerve endings all day
e) when the internet is down at your house call the internet provider right away so you're not stuck assuaging the fears of your bffffff dr. rei at the lack of daily updates by surreptitiously blogging at inopportune times.

i took lots and lots of pictures of the devil dog cake (moistest, richest, chocolatiest cake around! the cake is going to be my go-to chocolate cake recipe, usurping my devil's food cake previous claim to the title...the ingredients aren't that fat-heavy, either!) and the holding-the-blizzard-at-bay apple pie, but as the internet is down at home, i'll have to update with the drool-worthy evidence at a later date.

we got shellacked in dodgeball last night, by an amazing team who have almost 3-4 YEARS experience (not seasons! years!) under their belt. it was an intense game, made all the more intense by the fact that my brother has been playing on our team (to make up for the players we lost) and the combination of the two of us is a potent dose of lagerfeld-competitive-yelling. yikes.

tonight for dinner i think i'm making french onion soup with croque monsieurs. i have to write a paper tonight and try to finish seaming up a baby sweater i made for my co-worker. i feel the need to reiterate how much i love blocking. blocking makes everything look so sharp and tidy and makes the edges of your knitting lie flat and neat and square. it's fantastic! i'm still having huge problems seaming my projects (knitting-speak for sewing together all your knitted components [sleeves, fronts, backs, etc] to make a finished product), as i'm used to sewing which is totally different than working with wool and yarn. it's so bulky that it's actually quite difficult getting smooth, even seams. i'll post pics later!

i'll also post a full review of the diving bell and the butterfly when my internet returns at home, as well as a review of chuck klosterman's iv.


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