Sunday, March 16, 2008

the mood struck

big-time. i went from "not really feeling like making anything for dessert" to turning the house into krapfen central. krapfen are german doughnuts. the criminal thing was that i've had a deep fryer for over a year now and HADN'T MADE DOUGHNUTS YET. criminal! i forsee a heavy period of doughnut experimentation until i get to my go-to recipe. the krapfen were nice, if a little bready and not as tender and soft as i would have liked. i'm going to reduce the amount of flour and replace the whole eggs with egg yolks and see what happens. or, test a new recipe and see how that one works. i placed a teaspoon full of dulce de leche in most of them, and stuck some homemade raspberry jam in the rest. overall, i was quite pleased with the results (and by "quite pleased" i mean: "ate about 10 dozen"). the dulce de leche gets really molten and gooey inside, and were offset nicely by the crunchy cinnamon-sugar crust and ultra-bitter chocolate dipping sauce i made.

i was so tired after all my busy-bodying yesterday. i went for a long walk to the yarn store and back for my needles, and then i was basically pumping out product. i made: chocolate caramel tarts for my co-worker's baby shower, made a batch of profiteroles which turned out AWFUL and had to be discarded, made fish cakes, made a ginger pear jam, doughnuts, and pie crust for the coming weeks. i was pooped!

we finished season 3 of the wire. damn, son! i SO didn't see the ending coming!


stringer bell did it to himself, though. i actually feel worse for avon barksdale. because stringer set the ball in motion by trying to get omar offed and using proposition joe's product. dayum.


today is a day of reading and then dodgeballin', mexican foodin', and then home for some top chef chicago action. yes!!!

i love sundays!!! can't wait til i'm done school!

tonight for dinnie we're going to rezbozos (i think). this spring-like weather is making me feel all giddy for summer time. biking, fish'n'chips, eating outside, going for walks, exploring, weekends in rochester...ahhhhhhhhhhhh


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