Wednesday, March 05, 2008

is it time?

is it time for me to be wrenched from my sturdy little 4.0 megapixel kodak easyshare and get a new digital camera? i am quite loyal and devoted to the little thing. i love it for a few reasons:
a) it's got a huge screen and it makes taking natural light pictures a no-brainer (relatively) - without having to know a lot about perspective and depth of field and shutter speed and iso and f-stops.
b) it survived (and dare i say, thrived!) despite immersion/submersion in the cats' drinking bowl.
c) i like that it doesn't take super glossy, ultrasaturated, crazysexycool pictures. call me a luddite, but i'm not a fan of seeing more than i can see with my eyes. i don't necessarily want my memories preserved in that way (maybe i'm fooling myself?). i have a lot of issues with other food bloggers who take super high-res pictures of their food because i think it glosses over poor execution and dresses it up so that it LOOKS like the food tastes good when sometimes it looks a little shacker. don't get me wrong: i think shacker food is totally a-ok. i just don't like it when shackers make pawn off their stuff with non-shacker trappings. it's like designer knock-offs. those are also a-ok, but don't try to pass off your kelvin coles as the real deal. i also know that i have NO DESIRE to see myself in high definition. that would be a disaster of near-epic proportions.

but, there are some things a new camera would have going for it:
- slightly less grainy shots in natural light
- perhaps a flash that doesn't make you look like the night of the living dead (thus my reliance on natural lighting)
- i wouldn't mind having my italy pictures preserved in slightly better form.

any suggestions? i'm a little too lazy to learn new software and i've had a good experience with kodak and have brand loyalty. is my loyalty undeserved? should i un-brand myself and join the world of the sonys, olympusesses, and canons? i'm thinking the kodak z series is good. what do you think? i'm also trying to be more enviromentally sound/carbon-footprint-minimalizing friendly in my actions, and i'm trying to separate my needs from my wants and be fiscally responsible by not buying frivolous things, which all begs the question, do i really NEED a new digital camera? if i do buy one, it'd be nice if i could still use my existing kodak-related camera stuff (well, basically i have a camera bag, and a flexible tripod, and a few extra memory cards).

any advice from my miniscule readership would be much appreciated. in other news, i have to say, that making grown-up money that allows me to save oodles and pay for things in cash, and still maintain my quality of life AND get myself out of debt, is a life i could get used to.  most important of all...I LOVE MY JOB! and i love where i work, and i really like the people i work with. is everyone sick of hearing that yet?



Miss Emma-Lee said...

I think you have a few misunderstandings about cameras and photography and that you should call me.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

you're just trying to sucker me into buying your slr!!! haha...

Miss Emma-Lee said...

no no

I'm not selling mine anytime soon. Not for another year at least.

But seriously, I can help you decide so call me if you really want help!