Wednesday, March 19, 2008

in memoriam

harvey mcgregor reid passed away yesterday, a day shy of his 91st birthday.

he could fix anything and he played piano beautifully.

he bought me a subscription to gourmet magazine every year for christmas. this past year, his health wasn't all that well, and when january rolled around, i figured that it had slipped his mind, so i sent in a cheque for a subscription myself. in late january, a magazine showed up on my doorstep with a card from the publisher, informing me that harvey reid had purchased a subscription for one year on my behalf. that's the kind of man he was.

he was a good, decent man, through and through, with the kind of quiet fortitude you get from living through a depression and two world wars. he was very sweet and gentle and knew so much. the last time we visited him, we spent an hour talking about the differences between snooker and billiards. they don't make his kind like they used to.

he built one of my favorite places in the world, by hand, and every fond memory i have of this cottage (and there are many) are a direct result of him.

there's no one else in the world i'd rather be mistaken for a philippine nanny by.

i love you grandpa.


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