Monday, March 24, 2008

"if you believe, that j.c. came back from the dead...

(back from the dead)" <-- set to the tune of r.e.m.'s "man on the moon" chorus. this weekend was ram-packed. it was actually, JUST what the doctor ordered to remind us around here about the joys of routine, family, friends, and young hoppers. friday saw the whole team danforth household committed to being home and scrapping plans for industriousness. we sat and talked and watched the wire and had a visit from my bff and upstairs neighbour, who is making the extremely poor decision to vacate the gorgeous 2 bedroom unit upstairs. if anyone in my limited readership is looking for a place to live (or knows someone who is) please leave a comment and i'll get back to you!

friday evening we went up to markham to celebrate my mum and my littlest bro's birthday. i baked a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. my new go-to chocolate cake is the BOMB. i repeat: THE BOMB. saturday we had dim sum with my sis' friends chris and kate and their lovely twins, molly and jacob. molly is a fairly blase, skeptical little lady, whereas jacob is as jolly as someone who looks so much like winston churchill should be.

saturday night was all about the foo fighters concert, which i'm ashamed to admit i slept through intermittently. i haven't been to show with such a preponderance of w.p's (white people) in a looooooong time. you could count the number of visible minorities on one hand (and most of them were us!). it was a good show: the sound was clear and crisp, they played for a long time, and re-worked their tunes in a fun way...exactly what you want from a concert. i'm just not particularly connected to that kind of rock music. the show DID feature a special guest performance by geddy lee and the guitarist from RUSH. which was awesome. even though they didn't perform any actual rush songs (they mostly just shredded).

sunday was all about the big easter egg hunt for the kids (50 eggs!) the dotytron went a little buck with the hiding (i don't think he really took the age levels of the participants into consideration) but it was pretty hilarious. then we went for brunch at a brazilian bbq place in markham that does all you can eat. it was pretty good (if EXTREMELY heavy on the meat and salt) and the family did a family portrait after. after that, the boys went to a basketball game, and my sister and i took the kids to riverdale farm. it went over with mixed results. my niece can be a bit of a sissy sometimes and she didn't like the smell of the barns and got freaked out when a goat came too close. the nephew though, had a BLAST. he was freaking out and added some new words/sounds to his vocab...he couldn't get enough.

then we came home and watched enchanted. it was okay...amy adams did a good job of investing her character with the suitable amount of wide-eyed naivete, but patrick dempsey is a smarmy a**hole, and he kind of ruined it for me. it was a nice trifle...but it's definitely not my favorite in the disney pantheon (lilo and stitch, i'm looking at you). last night the dotytron and i watched michael clayton.

****** SPOILER ALERTS ******

overall, the film was great...the music was well done (but i thought it was heavy handed and over-directed the emotions of the viewer at times). the sound quality was great and the staging of the shots was well done, with some really painterly scenes and compositions. as a character study, it does an adequate job and the plot is a nice little pot boiler. HOWEVER, there was some MAJOR issues with my ability to suspend my disbelief (to be outline below):

a) tom wilkinson's character, lives in a multi-million dollar loft in nyc and he has one of those CASSETTE TAPE ANSWER MACHINES THAT BROADCASTS YOUR MESSAGES?!?!!!??? WHO DOES THAT ANYMORE?!?!!!! you can't have someone using a blackberry and then have that person exist in the same world as someone who uses an old school answering machine. sorry.

b) for someone who's a "fixer" michael clayton makes some bonehead moves. when he has the memorandum in his hands...does he scan it and email it to the press or a dozen people for safe-keeping? does he mail copies to everyone he knows as insurance against his own life? no. he walks around and makes a TARGET out of himself for a good chunk of the movie, for no apparent reason other than to unnecessarily ratchet up the tension in the film artificially.

c) for someone who's a "fixer" michael clayton is a pretty gullible rube if he thinks that tom wilkinson's character actually killed himself. a guy doesn't go around buying about 20 billion amazing baguettes and then OFF himself. buying 20 billion amazing baguettes is usually a pretty good signifier for an unmatched joie de vivre. just a tip.

d) the assassins go the extremely elegant route of staging a drug overdose in the MOST professional way imaginable, showing the utmost planning and care, and when they go to off michael clayton, they go with a CAR BOMB?!???? how the EFF are you going to NOT draw attention to a CAR BOMB? and the car bomb fails because of problems with the GPS SYSTEM?????????????????????? flimsy, much?

the above contrivances made it difficult for me to really get behind the movie. that's just sloppy, bros.


friday also saw me putting to rest two knitting projects i've had on the go. one is a double breasted baby sweater that ties inside and outside. it's pretty cute, although i can't finish seams worth s**t. i know what i did wrong though, so next time it will be better. the baby sweater was gifted to chris and kate's kids.

i also made another one of those lacy scarves (same pattern that i gave to the dotytron's sis for christmas). the pattern is called "montego bay". i made alternations by making it wider (about 1.5 times as wide as the pattern dictates) and consequently, it's shorter. i was going to gift this one, but i've fallen in love with the colours and i don't think i can let it go. i have more of the sea silk yarn though, and i'm pretty quick at knitting them, so i can definitely whip another one up. you can also see some belly action in that picture...that's what a weekend of copious meat/sugar consumption will do to you.

today is a day of kicking some serious school ass, lest i be left doing school long after i should be (my goal end date is april 18th AT THE LATEST - i want to be done before then if at all possible).

for dinner tonight i think i'm going to make grilled eggplant rolls stuffed with basil ricotta and mozzarella, and baked in a tomato sauce with a big spinach salad with lemon vinaigrette.



Anonymous said...

you have to admit that when Tom Wilkinson gets offed, it's pretty effed! very realistically creepy when you think of it!

ze's mama

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

yes, i can admit that...BUT THE ANSWERING MACHINE?!?!??? AND THE 20 BILLION BAGUETTES?????

love you, sis!