Saturday, March 01, 2008

i don't get it

granted, in the past year or two, with my attention increasingly split between all my other interests, work, and school, staying on top of new music and music in general has kind of fallen by the wayside. once i broke off from the jungle scene, i became a little bit of a musical orphan, as the de facto fall-back genre just wasn't cutting it for me anymore. so i'm kind of out of it, and i rely on the zeitgeist, pop culture osmosis, and the advice/referrals of people who are doggedly sticking to it (dr. rei being the chief example). i've just got too much going on and not a lot of time for seeking out tunes and sampling from the musical buffet to find which tasty morsel i'm going to keep returning to. i'm a subway reader, not ipod listener, i'm either doing homework, or knitting, or reading, or cooking, so basically the only time i have for tunes is when i'm sitting in a car (barely ever) or cooking (at which point, it's background because i'm focused on other things). so i've made my peace with it, and i totally acknowledge and own my demode-ness. however! all that being said, i don't understand the attraction of steve aoki. people (especially the young uns) go apes**t for this guy. je ne comprende pas. i've listened to a set here or's aight. it's nothing earth-shattering. and well, not to stress the peripheral, but he's kind of gross. he's like a combination between susur lee

and the vampire guy from the black eyed peas:

ummm...that's not exactly a stellar combo. anyway this is yet another example of how i just don't understand the kids nowadays. i'll go back to listening to my best of heart, thank you very much.

so the dotytron and myself went and braved the storm yesterday to pay a visit to my friends h & j, who are the new proud parents of an absolutely delightful, rosy, bandy-limbed baby (1 week old today!). she's very precious, if a little boring right now...the first few weeks seem a little lame, as far as parenting goes. baby cries, you feed it, change it, and then stare at it. that's not the part that gets my squeaky parental wheel turning. i'd say from 4 months + it's primetime. i can't wait to see what kind of a person she becomes, and it doesn't seem real yet that a friend of mine HAS ONE OF THOSE!

today is a day of errands and homework, and then a dickensian feast. we're having roasted goose, with bob-evans sausage laced sage stuffing. and some kind of vegetable...maybe roasted cauliflower, and a sweet potato gratin? i don't know what we're going to have for dessert either. i'm so aimless!!! based on the cover of this month's gourmet, i'm leaning towards vanilla ice cream stuffed profiteroles with whiskey toffee sauce. mmmmm...that sounds good. i say we go for that!


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Chris said...

Aoki's been around for a long time. What's the deal, is he hip all of a sudden? Im pretty sure he's been dj'ing for a decade or so. Maybe i dare not try to find something recent to listen to....