Saturday, March 15, 2008

growed up

...not quite. well, yesterday's adventures at playing grown-up went predictably off-kilter. it would appear that the dotytron and i are not quite willing to relinquish our hold on all that is young, fiscally responsible, and cool in the name of financial stability (or rather, that in the eyes of the capital "E" establishment, we don't quite yet qualify for the respect that true "adults" deserve).

everyone had been giving me advice: my stepdad, workmates, randoms. NO VARIABLE RATES! so what happens when we sit down with the (seemingly) nice lady at bank? she starts by giving us the spiel: "now, everyone has their favorite mortgages. MY favorite, is the variable rate" (alarm bells!) you know those faux-leather giant desk placemats a lot of businesses have? she proceeded to produce from underneath the leather placemat thing, this giant chart (the andex chart for those in the financial know) that showed how if you invested $100 dollars in 1950 and put it in canada savings bonds, you would only have $1000 today. but if you put in $100 into stocks, you'd have $156000 today. the chart was unspeakable complex and my eyes kept frantically trying to search for the key that would show you what all the numbers/colours/figures could mean. (that's an example of a similar chart at left). she then prefaced her statements by saying, "this isn't the chart for mortgage rates, i think i've misplaced that one, this is for investments, and all you have to take away from this is that the line goes UP over time" *auspicious, chummy, pointed finger-tap on the right hand side of the chart* the dotytron and i were all like, "whaaaa?!?" it made no sense! i had no sense of inflation, what each of the lines represented, or HOW this related to interest rates, etc.

so after "selling" us on this concept that over time, the line goes UP, she gets down to business and says, "let's see how much we can pre-approve you for" and then mentions something about a credit check. at which point the dotytron and i are all like, "whoa, whoa, let's not step down that road" (not because we have bad credit, but because we just wanted rough figures based on our current income and to see what our options are). as soon as we put the kibosh on a credit check, she dropped us like a hot potato and told us that there's a mortgage calculator on the bank website! lol!

anyway, the thing we took away from this is: we're not buying a house until we have 20% down. that seems to me the most sensible thing to do. i'm in no rush. we enjoy a FANTASTIC quality of life, with vacations, dining out, doing everything we want to do in a gorgeous, spacious apartment that more than meets our needs in a location we we're okay for the time being. no need to go buckshot. hells, i'd be happy renting for the rest of my life if i could sock away the equivalent of my mortgage payments into a high yielding investment option.

last night's dinnie was fun! it felt a little growed up too, because we were talking about buying houses, remodeling kitchens, and having babies. but it wasn't weird or anything...that's just the stage that some of our dining companions were at in their's not like we COULDN'T talk about anything else.

last week i saw the diving bell and the butterfly. i thought it was a fantastic film, with some reservations. the strongest thing it had going for it, was the painterly composition of a lot of the sequences. schnabel creates exhilarating shots with an almost pointed level of aestheticization, which provided a nice visual counterpoint to the narrative locus of the film - the impressions of a man (a former editor-in-chief for elle magazine, whose life had been a glut of ride-ranging cultural excess), who is a quadriplegic, able only to blink his left eyelid as his only medium between his still-active, function mind, and the outside world. for all the empathetic fear one intuitively feels at being presented with this story (based on the book by the same title, "dictated" by that same man through a laborious process of blinking his way, letter by letter through the alphabet to string together words, sentences, and paragraphs), the movie is very much NOT a downer, preserving a sense of humanity and hope, mostly through the indomitable spirit, wit, and self-deprecating black humour of the protagonist.

certain scenes were gut-wrenchingly powerful in their execution. notable mentions would be when you experience the man's right eyelid being sewn shut from his point of view, or any time roman polanski's wife, emmanuelle seigneur is on-screen. schnabel allows her luminous face and expressive, crooked mouth to fill up the screen with choked-back emotion. i thought it could have used a bit more discipline, overall. i could have done with a few less "diving bell" scenes and there's a segment that involves a trip to lourdes (that is obviously about the nature of faith) that sacrifices the point of the sequence in favour of choppy, music-video style editing and overly composed shots. this was a strong year overall for film.

today i'm going to try to bang out an assignment before lunch-timeish. then go for a walk to my local yarn store for some needles i need for a cardigan/jacket i'm knitting for myself. i had the entire back and half of the front knitted, but i decided to rip it all up because i thought it was going to be a bit short. it breaks my heart to frog (knitter-speak for ripping back) my knitting, but it was already in the back of my mind that i wanted it longer, so what's the point of spending all that time on something i would either a) never wear or b) when i wore it be unhappy that it wasn't what i wanted? i also experienced the delight in giving someone a hand-knit yesterday. it's the BEST. RUSH. EVER. it's similar to making a meal for someone and getting the accolades (all cooks are megalomaniacs in the end)...the recipient was so pleased! it made all the headaches of knitting worth it. i'm hooked! i'm going to walk around and do some errands and then come home, make dinner, watch a few movies (i've been craving a re-visit of indiana jones lately) and knit and sleep. rrrreeelaxing.

tonight for dinner we're having fishcakes (breaded and fried) with a big salad. i don't know if i'm going to make dessert or not...right now, the mood doesn't strike me.


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