Tuesday, March 25, 2008

freedom to procrastinate

the ides of spring are in the air (i have no idea what the "ides" of anything are supposed to be, but i vaguely recall that "ides" are generally paired with spring-like things like the month of may). am i right? anyway, the mysterious ides are conspiring to have me NOT doing a lick of work. other things that are in collusion with the mysterious ides are: easter weekend, the service for grandpa reid tomorrow, a visit from the dotytron's friend last night, a visit from the roomie's friend from long island this whole week, my desire to have a life and cook and eat and lead a life of decadent leisure.

i had a meeting with the husband half of the prof that i'm doing the r.a. work for, and he gave me a VERY open deadline (end of may!!!) for my research, which is helping to take a load off, considerably. i'm only marginally chipping away at my work load though and i can feel the drive towards productivity slipping through my fingers. this is a recurring theme on this here blog, and i can well understand my waning readership's boredom with it.

anyway, the work i'm doing for them is compiling a body of research on the how the term foodie is employed, contested, etc. my final paper for the course is going to fold up the research i'm doing and be another one of my solipsistic, self-indulgent attempts to capture myself in writing: in particular, my own uneasiness with the term "foodie" and how i hate self-identifying as one, even as i exhibit all the textbook hallmarks of someone of that ilk.

another paper i want to write talks about the discourse of authenticity that's continually invoked when popular media discusses "the wire" [note that i've reverted back to quotations for titles...it's a lot easier from a formatting perspective]. this is evident even in so far as there's that popular rumour circulating that when the show is broadcast all the police radios in the baltimore area go quiet because all the drug dealers and police are busy watching the show (or something to that effect). fans of "the wire" continually reiterate it's authenticity in discussions as a sign of its legitimacy as a cultural product. to which you kind of have to invariably respond: "how the f**k do you know?" which is when they generally revert to the example of the police radios going quiet. i don't know why a show like "the wire" has to be authentic. but i think there's a general trend towards recuperating this show for a liberal, privileged audience by appealing to its' authenticity (which tends to be how most high-status cultural hallmarks of distinction are justified for the consumption of a cultural and economic elite).

i'd like to write that this summer. but my list of things to do this spring/summer is growing exponentially. to wit:

- get my G1 driver's license
- take an advanced CPR course
- take a bike mechanics course
- take a defensive bike riding course
- tear the house apart and do a MASSIVE spring cleaning, get rid of tonnes of s**t and reorganize what i'm keeping
- start quilting
- continue knitting
- go back to the farmer's markets
- spruce up the house and buy the odds and sods "house things" that we need
- organize all my old photos
- sell a bunch of my vinyl
- eat outside and hang out
- go spend at least a weekend with my sis
- try new restaurants
- go back to old ones (harbord fish and chips, i'm looking at YOU)
- go bike riding with friends
- start running again
- regularl yoga classes
- dodgeball training
- explore the city for food purveyors
- cottage vacations with my family and the dotytron's family
- pack away all my winter clothes
- short film festival
- hot docs
- lobster-fest version 2.0
- a & j's wedding
- start paying off my osap
- save a tonne of coin

eep! that's pretty ambitious. we'll see how much i get done.

last night's dinner was grilled eggplant (sliced thin and pressed on the panini press), smeared with a ricotta basil mixture, rolled up, and baked in the oven with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. the eggplant was bitter which wasn't nice. maybe next time i'll bread it and fry it instead. we had that with garlic bread (my award-winning recipe) and a salad of romaine and cucumber in a balsamic vinaigrette.

on monday, i made a white bean, rosemary and roasted garlic soup. i served this with a quick, chicken-liver spread that i made on crostinis (i LOVE LOVE LOVE chicken liver spread!), and a roasted beet and baby spinach salad with horseradish and a quick lemon vinaigrette, with some tournevant de nature goat's chese (quebec cheese, mild, with a creamy, not chalky, texture. divine).

tonight i'm eating leftovers as we have quite a backlog to slog through.



schmee said...

the ides are either the 13th or the 15th of the month. depends on the month. like march is the 15th, but april is the 13th. true story.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

you are a learned man, schmee. don't let anyone tell you different.

Chris said...

#85 on the list of Stuff White People Like is a similar discourse on how "authenticity" is what white folks love about The Wire. stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com