Tuesday, March 04, 2008

faux family

this is a picture of me and the dotytron with my friend h's baby, d. she's very cute, but don't let those good looks fool you...she's hopped up on meth and she'll jook you in the blink of an eye! in other news, i've thrown myself into increased productivity with righteous abandon. it feels good. i got two of my assignments back and walked away with two decent A-, so i'm feeling pretty good. let's see if i can keep up the momentum. i'm buying my hot docs pass today. my goal is to be completely done my school work by april 11th. worse comes to worse, i'm willing to give myself until april 16th, but that's IT. then a glorious week of work and documentaries, and then ITALY. the three little bears are big time stoked (the three little bears are: me, dr. rei and the dotytron and the moniker came about when we were booking our rome hotel and saw the cute little triplet single beds in our prospective room).

i participated in another stupid teleconference tonight. so brutal! i sat with my ear rapidly cauliflowering against the unforgiving plastic surface of the phone, my head cocked at an increasingly crick-inducing 72 degrees listening to inane question after inane question for FORTY MINUTES. when it was finally my turn, i asked my question and then hung up. hopefully i didn't get caught out! i couldn't deal anymore. there's nothing worse then when OTHER people waste your time FOR you. brutes. tonight for dinnie i had the last of the oxtail, rice'n'peas, and pumpkin stew. tomorrow is an epic long day which will be enlivened by me eating leftover goose, stuffing, an apple, a pear, and the braised cabbage. so far spartan ways have been adhered to. i feel better (but that's probably attributable more to the placebo effect of virtuousness than physiological effect of reduced spicy baconator intake).


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