Sunday, March 30, 2008

earth hour

so i got out of cooking last night. the plan was to have people come over for wine and cheese by candlelight, and then head over to el sol so i wouldn't have to cook for a bunch of people i only kinda-sorta know. we celebrated earth hour by extending it into a whole evening of picking at this charcuterie spread by candlelight and drinking wine (everyone else) and shirley temples (me). we had a giant hunk of st. andre, some majorero (spanish semi-dry), and a hunk of either manchego or zamorano. we also had two kinds of cured italian sausage, olives, my spiced nuts, some proscuitto, these olive and fig crostinis and some toasted multigrain and regular baguette slices. i also served a blood orange tart in a hazelnut crust, which features the smoothest, creamiest, blood orange curd i've ever tasted. it was divine.

all in all it was a lovely evening with some weird awkwardness that i won't describe here (hint: the awkwardness was not coming from me, but from my witnessing various people's awkwardness with each other).

i'm the midst of playing nanny mcphee right now, as the dotytron is ill with some kind of weirdly debilitating flu. i hope i don't get it! he seems to be really weak and sleeping all the time and congested, and he's having trouble sleeping and gets sudden chills and has a dull headache. he says it feels like he's been beaten up. i'm nursing him with a patented technique that consists of:
- homemade chicken noodle soup with lots of dill, parsley, root vegetables and noodles
- clean sheets
- orange juice and hot ginger-lemon tea
- apple cinnamon cold and flu ny-quil
- reduced productivity on my end
- good movies from the 80s.

we watched "indiana jones and the temple of doom" yesterday. i find this to be the weak link in the series as it basically makes BOTH chinese people AND indian people into the bad guys. however! short round is really the star of the movie and for that i'm grateful. he's such a great kid! he's plucky and brave and inventive and shows real ingenuity in tough situations. i think we might dress up as indiana jones and short round next year for halloween. the love interest BLOWS though. she's the worst. all she does is cry about breaking a nail ten billion times a second. it's so lame. and she's hella shrill.

i tried to rent "parenthood" and "sneakers" but blockbuster didn't have EITHER one. what a weak-ass video store. how do they decide what to stock? if you don't have two of the best movies of the late 80s early 90s, then what DO you have? stupid movies nobody cares about like "saw"?!? or "pirates of the caribbean"? or "forrest gump"?!? laaaaaaaaame. there's a whole generation of people out there who are missing out on some of the best movies of our time, and it's a crying shame i tells you.

through the course of writing this post i started to feel a little headachey myself. uh-oh. i hope i'm not catching what the dotytron has! hopefully it's just the after-effects of a weekend with way too little sleep and way too much pork and porcine products along with a good shot of butter-based desserts. maybe i just need a nap.

i'm going to try to finish my sociology mini-paper and take a short one before dodgeball.


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