Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i didn't get anything proper done tonight because i was too busy pwning n00bs. how does this happen to me? some tit-face (my nemesis, to be exact) on some messageboard was flapping her gums about "local" and "organic" and how farmer's markets and community food boxes are next to godliness and now that i've been through the looking glass and know what i know, i couldn't stand down. gah. it's so frustrating. it takes so much time explaining to people how wrong they are whenever they think they're so right. stupid liberals are the scourge of our planet. hahahaha...j/k (but not really). stupid liberals hurt the left and the annoying thing is: THEY DON'T KNOW IT. the annoying thing is: they need movies like crash (paul haggis not cronenberg) to tell them how they're secretly so stupidly liberally racist. it's infuriating.

anyway, here are pics of last night's dinner and tonight's dinner. tonight's dinner was jerk oxtail with an irie pumpkin stew (i bought this new kind of squash, called "kuri" squash...it was very nice and creamy and not fibrousy at all) with coconut rice'n'peas (a little mushy from too much liquid). it was delicious, but even though i put two habenero peppers in the mix, it wasn't that spicy. pooh.

tomorrow is a long, ass-kicking day of getting my butt back into full gear. i have a full plate at work, a full plate of school, and a full plate of leftovers for sustenance to get me through the other two full plates.


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