Friday, February 01, 2008

winter storm watch!

is there anything more intoxicating to the hopes and dreams of young and old than the promise of a snow day? u of t closed at 11am today! and the rumours are running rampant around these parts that we might be allowed to leave early. i love love love snow days! nothing makes you feel giddy, spontaneous, and carefree more than state-sanctioned truancy. snow days around casa karl and the dotytron invariably mean the following: stocking up on videos (do you think that generations younger than i, weaned on blue ray and high def still call them videos? like, do they say "the video store?" or will that go the way of "mixtapes"? <-- this conversation came up during work the other day); filling our bellies with rich, wintry foods; enrobing ourselves in flannel and sheepskin slippers; ensconcing ourselves on the sofa bundled beneath blankets; eating warm cookies with cold milk or hot chocolate topped with a pile of fluffy whipped cream; knitting and watching and whiling the night away in the warm haven of our living room. bliss!!! why can't every winter night be like that?

nothing makes you love winter more than the promise of a night in your cozy home, surrounded by genial, quiet good company, lulled by delicious victuals and mulled by the warm glow of hot toddies, cold beers and such.

there was talk of going dancing to old skool hip hop tonight, but i was reluctant at best, and the snow gives me all the more reason to say boo to that s**t. i will however trudge down to the yarn store to get munitions. i've become addicted to knitting blogs and am racking up new projects exponentially faster than i can produce anything. i've stalled out on this lacy scarf that i was making because i widened it considerably from the original pattern (amy singer's montego bay - the one i made for the dotytron's sister) and i've run out of yarn and have to order more in the colour that i'm using. i LOVE KNITTING!!! i also especially LOVE KNITTING WHILE WATCHING THE WIRE!!!

anticipation of tonight is making the the day fly by (well, that and the piles of work i have to do).

for dinnie i'm making that chicken liver pasta, which i've tweaked in my head to now include: chicken livers, onions, garlic, crispy pancetta, a whole heap of mushrooms, parsley and marsala wine...and maybe a touch of cream, all slicked around spaghetti. how wintery is THAT?!? (f**kers). for dessert i'm either going to make some kind of warm, spicy molasses cookie, or maybe chocolate chip cookies, or cheesecake brownies. !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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