Saturday, February 02, 2008

there's a trouble a brewin'

last night was everything that a snow day evening SHOULD be. we ate a delicious dinner (pictured), feasted on whoopie pies (aka homemade joe louis to you and i) and watched the rest of season 1 of the wire, which managed to break my heart and mend it over and over again with its stellar writing, top notch performances, and amazing characterization. i couldn't recommend this show enough. omar! mcnulty! lester! daniels! wallace! stringer bell! d'angelo! buck moreland! kima gregs! bubbles! it's rare that a show has such a large, but evenly compelling cast. there isn't a dud in there to be found.

i also had time to go to lettuce knit to stock up on yarn for a project for ME. that's right. ME! i got this lovely jade-green (slightly mottled with wisps of purple and brown) that's 100% superfine merino. i'm obsessed with it. i can't wait! hopefully i'll finish this jacket in time to actually wear it while it's cold out.

we made our way to bed at around 1am last night (this morning). and i was awoken at 4AM by the sound of a DRUM KIT and a BASS coming from next door. now, we live in a semi-detached with a solid brick wall separating us from our neighbours. we've lived here for THREE YEARS and have seen multiple tenants come and go, with nary a peep to be heard. but last night (this morning) these new f**ks who just moved in A MONTH ago, decided to have a FREAKIN' DRUM KIT s**tty-ass band playing ALL NIGHT. i think it's the main floor tenants, because the roomie had the worst of it. she says they started playing shortly after we went to bed. WHO DOES THAT S**T? and more importantly, DO THEY KNOW WHO THEY'RE F**KING WITH?!? my revenge fantasies are as inventive as they are malicious and i'm just the kind of crazy mother to do it. they played from 1am to about 7am. and they were CRAP. the dotytron was offended mainly on the basis of lack of talent (which won out over the noise). next time, i'm calling the cops. and smearing dog s**t all over their door, AND hiding rotten eggs and oysters in their mail box, AND any number of other things tba.

i want to go over and preemptively talk to them, and let them know that there's someone living here who has to be ON CALL and therefore, sleep is kind of important, and be all nice but warn-y about it. the dotytron and the roomie advocate waiting to the NEXT time it happens. i disagree, because i think if you're the kind of person to set up a drum set and bass at 1am in the morning and play through the night, after you've been living in a place for a month, you're going to do it again and WORSE if it doesn't get nipped in the bud.

we'll see. nothing gets me all fired up than a grudge with the neighbours. i'll make them sorry they ever signed their names on that lease.

in happier news (kinda) i'm off to the government documents library to work on an assignment i have due in two weeks all day, then home. we're having our friends a & c over for dinner, and then they're driving us to waterloo to hang with my male doppelganger and his ladybird, where we're going to play rockband. the dotytron went and did yoga yesterday and is all sore, so he preemptively took some ibuprofen so he'll be in top shredding form tonight. i'm working on my vocal exercises. we're having seafood chowder, with that spinach bacon salad thingy, some olives and cured meat for snacking, and i'm bringing whoopie pies to waterloo.


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kitsch:in:sync said...

clearly your skunk and neighbor situations need not be solved mutually exclusively

something along the lines of- skunk planted inside the bass drum and seeing how many bars they could play before their self wrought, olfactorial retribution is unleashed