Friday, February 08, 2008

sweater stories

so i'm knitting this sweater for myself. it's two things: my first BIG project, as well as my first project in a while that's for ME. i didn't get as far as i wanted to last night on it, because i ended up having to work backwards and undo a small hole that i had made by accidentally doing a yarn-over.

all this technical jargon basically means that i had to rip the project back a few rows and so i ended up working backwards instead of forwards. i'm about halfway done the back, and it only took me a week of VERY intermittent knitting, so i figure i have like 4 more weeks of the project to go? the yarn is lovely though...i'm obsessed with it.

today i'm working, then coming home, and at some point finishing my lecture stuff for my advocacy class this week (which i HATE). yesterday was the dotytron's sister's birthday, so we're going to some italian restaurant in yorkville, called spuntini. they seem to have one of those pan-italian, overly verbose menus with words like "splashed" liberally sprinkled throughout the descriptions. i generally dislike that kind of breathiness in my menu writing. i prefer a more terse, laundry-list of the main ingredients with simple connectors, ie. "served WITH mixed greens" versus "served on A BED of mixed greens". they also serve a caprese salad in the winter, and there's a vodka sauce on there somewhere, both of which tend to make me highly suspect. i'll post a review tomorrow...possibly with pictures!


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