Sunday, February 03, 2008

super bowl sunday!

not that i care (aren't the patriots going to win anyway?) no, the REAL reason i care about the superbowl is that we get to make football food round these parts, after playing my brother's team this afternoon in dodgeball. hype!

okay, no word of a lie, last night was the latest i've been out in about months and months. we got to waterloo at 9:30pm and left at 1:30 (incidentally, time FLEW), and got home at like 3:00am!!! that's buckshot! and, this is a foregone conclusion but rockband is the BEST GAME EVER!!! i can't drum to save my life, but i'm aight on guitar (the less you think, the better) and i was on mic duty (and by "mic duty" i mean i hogged it) most of the evening. i think my strongest performance might have been stone temple pilot's "vaseline". i wish there were more songs i knew on there, or more classic rock, or power ballads. there's a lot of the kinks and the pogues and it's just not my scene...that stuff isn't as fun to sing! they should make a girl version with 80s pop hits...because if like, "total eclipse of the heart" was on there, or "eternal flame" by the bangles, it would be OVER. and don't the makers of rock band want to conquer the elusive girl gaming market? that's the ticket. POWER BALLADS. if there had been "carry on my wayward son" like there was for guitar hero, or "hotel california" you'd have to pry the mic from my cold, dead hands.

tonight for dinnie we're having chicken wings, deep fried and sauced in a mixture of frank's red hot and butter (aka, buffalo style), with baked potato skins topped with cheddar, bacon and chives, and a cold, crispy green bean salad with a red wine vinaigrette. cheesecake brownies for dessert. i've got to write up an assignment all day, which blows, but whatever. as long as i can spend a good chunk of the evening re-upping on the wire then i'm a happy industrious pig. i just heard the expression "re-up" fairly recently (like this week). i likes it.

this is one of the best pop songs ever made:

it's siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. this is so getting played at my wedding reception. and you know who i can guess is going to be dancing front and centre?

me and my sister.

this is another one that's making the cut. this song KILLS.


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