Monday, February 04, 2008

stop jockin' me, girl

so i went to the law library at u of t today because i realized when i was typing up my assignment yesterday, that i forgot to get the citation information for a resource the prof wanted us to use. basically, the assignment involves using secondary legal resources to find materials for clients based on our selection of one of five different scenarios. now, i had already finished my research, and all i needed was the citation. i show up there, and i see some broad from my class standing by the section where this one particular legal encyclopedia that the prof wanted us to use is situated. so i go and grab the volume that i want off the shelf, and then ask her how her assignment is going. she's all pale and shiz, and is all like, "fine, i've just been in here all day." then i ask her which scenario she chose, and she says "employee drug testing" which is the one that i did too, and i tell her so. then i ask her, "which volume of the encyclopedia did you end up using?" and she gets all SHIFTY EYED and says, " be honest....I DON'T REMEMBER." i think my mouth fell open a bit because i was all like, b***h, PLEASE. as IF i'm copying off of your sorry ass. that's how you want to play the game? i'm going to f**k you UP (savvy readers will notice that watching the wire is having a deleterious effect on my admittedly shaky self-control over inappropriate language - the amount of swears i drop at home has risen exponentially). i just f**king hate that s**t. it's so lame. why wouldn't you share? as soon as she "faked" not remembering i just said, "oh, well i used human rights because most of the articles i found kept referencing that" and THEN she's like, "oh, i think i might have found something under employment". pffft. what a slaggy ho-bag.

i'm feeling mildly stressed about school right now, or i WAS feeling mildly stressed, up until half an hour ago when i availed myself of a boiling hot epsom salt bath. now i feel puffy and wrinkly and sodden with a hazy, diffuse, foggy-headed good will. this is a pretty solid state to be in. i was going to do my sociology reading, but i'm seriously too light headed for that right now, so i think i might curl up with some knitting and watch firefly.

the first pic is a shot of our spread on saturday night. a & c brought some delicious cheeses, and i copied my bff chris' gf's stylee and put out olives and sliced cured meat and we had the seafood chowder with the salad and sliced toasted bread. the whoopie pies went over really well too. i'd forgotten how good they were...i don't think i've made them in a year and a half...actually, probably since before the roomie moved in. superbowl food went off really well yesterday. the wings were teeny tiny, but drenched in my buffalo sauce (and it's amazing how well equal parts frank's red hot and butter combine to become buffalo wing sauce), they were lip-smackingly good.

tonight for dinnie the dotytron (under my careful tutelage) made that grain (bulgur, barley) and bean (black) soup with dried ancho chiles and sliced shitake mushrooms. we had this with roasted pepper and cheddar quesadillas topped with mashed up avocado and sour cream. full fat sour cream is the best. i used to buy light sour cream, but really, for the amount of sour cream that i eat, it's just dumb.

in other news, one of the dotytron's students' little brother made him a HILARIOUS card. the kid (who is 6) drew this self portrait on one side and a mysterious, amorphous dartboard/character on the other side. the kid's sister, aliza, who is actually one of the dotytron's students, gave the dotytron the head's up: "cory is making you a card but he might make it out to steve because he thinks that's your name" (cory didn't end up doing that). what cory DID do however was make a little homemade envelope for the card (the construction of which is pretty top-notch for a 6 year old) and gave the card, in the envelope to the dotytron. when the dotytron asked if cory wanted him to open it now or later, cory said: "i don't care" and wandered out of the room (presumably to attend whatever after school program he is enrolled in). !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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dr.rei said...

lol at cory!! ahahah "but he might make it out to steve because he thinks that's your name"

ummm...that girl in your class sounds like a turd burglar!