Saturday, February 09, 2008

peep this

now, this video is striking for a few different reasons. 1) the song ain't half bad. 2) the lead singer bears a striking resemblance to the form and figure of the dotytron 3) the lead singer is also rockin' the style that i wish for the dotytron above all else. basically, the dude is wearing head-to-toe vision streetwear, a state of being that the dotytron covets like no other. i would probably pay $1000 for that hat alone. can you imagine how slick the dotytron would look? and it's so fitting! he's such a so-cal skater at heart. his life is like one long extended version of that scene in gleaming the cube where that pizza hut truck crests the hill and is shown in stark silhouette against the setting sun with a bunch of rag-tag skaters attached to it.

in other news, i managed to stick my foot in my mouth BIGTIME last night in the ride over to the restaurant. the dotytron got an interview at york for teacher's college (yay! i'm so proud of him! - this has earned him one week's respite from my incessant carping -) and we're trying to figure out what he should wear. a full suit seems a bit much, so i'm advocating for a sweater/slacks combo. the problem is, he doesn't have any pants that aren't jeans. so, i went around yesterday looking for men's pants that aren't jeans that are casual, and there's NOTHING. i commented on this fact in the car, and the dotytron's sister said, "sure there are. cords!" at which point i said, "umm...i can't respect a man in cords" at which point, the dotytron pater pipes up, "hey! i'm wearing cords!!!" this pretty much happens EVERY time i'm hanging with the dotytrons. i obviously didn't mean DADS. i meant any dude who i have biblical knowledge of. i can't deal with cords. they just seem teh lamez0rz to me.

today is a day of homework. ugh. but tonight i'm making a special valentine's meal for my boyfriend, dr. rei. and my other boyfriend, the dotytron. and the roomie. my favorite people! we're having pan-seared rib eye steaks with hollandaise (!!!!!!), frites, creamed spinach, and chocolate souffle with whiskey toffee sauce. it's the classic steak-house meal. i can't wait!

roomie-lagerfeld relations have improved substantially and have returned to normal love-in stasis. she's stopped messing around with this douche, which has eased me considerably. i'm not the kind of person who deals well with other people's poor relationship choices. it festers. and i'm ALSO not the kind of person who can deal with festering in silence...i'm kind of too honest for that so it comes out. it would be one thing if she would just acknowledge the a**holey nature and be done with it - that i can accept. i couldn't accept defending the person in question. and it was exacerbated by the fact that the person in question needed to be taken down a peg or two. but now everything is fine. i just needed to get it off my chest and we had an honest talk about things and the air was cleared. i'm a big fan of air-clearing. problems tend to arise for me when i feel like i can't be who i am and i have to suffocate myself under a veil of propriety and politeness.


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