Sunday, February 24, 2008


yeah, i know i've been missing-in-action round here lately. last weekend's baroque-era level of sloth and poor eating habits (the land of the free also = land of the conspiciously absent non-battered, non-fried, vegetable) plus plenty of face time with my snot-geyser of a nephew means that i got sick. a miserable cold that has left me cranky, with a throat full of barbed wire, hitting apple cinnamon neo citron like it's going out of style. this past year has seen me be sick more times than in the previous five combined. all the work and school and the extracurricular activities and the general harriedness of my mind, the unusually cold winter, and the slacking on the healthy eating front mean that i've been felled by an army of bacteria and viruses to whom i'm usually quite impervious.

i'm in the homestretch of my degree, the last six weeks before i get to walk off with my kinda-sorta masters...and in each class, i've only handed in ONE assignment. which means that in the last six weeks i have 3 assignments per class to go...which means a total of 12. in six weeks. ai-ya. taking the day off of work was a double-edged santoku knife (which is a bit of a implausibility, as japanese style knives are usually only sharpened on one side. generally western style knives are the ones sharpened on both edges of the blade - but i digress): on the one hand, it gave me an excuse to go home to markham and be coddled by my family (insofar as my family coddles - essentially they left me to whine away in a pile of sweatpants and stuffed me full of shanghai style dim sum and when the whining got to be too much, i was told off in none-too-gentle terms). on the other hand, the fact that i really, truly took reading week OFF, means that i'm thinking about tomorrow filled with trepidation and fear. groceries for the week haven't been bought. readings haven't been accomplished. assignments have not been started in advance. eep.

throw in the fact that this weekend was a gong show. dim sum lunch with my grandparents on friday afternoon in a dated monstrosity of a restaurant in markham (think: tacky san francisco chinatown decor by way of a tangled multi-generational familial drama by amy tan). my mom had us trooping en masse to a dinner with her clients on friday evening. saturday was breakfast with my deadbeat dad and the woman he married. saturday evening i cooked dinner (it turned out fabulous: olive garden salad, my award winning garlic bread, penne with cauliflower, proscuitto and breadcrumbs, and a pork loin roast smeared with a paste of mustard, garlic, sage, rosemary, and olive oil, wrapped in pancetta, and roasted to a spitting, golden, bronzed magnificence). today we're going to a dim sum brunch with the dotytron's parents (!!!!!!) then "tea" with my grandparents at their mah-jong birthday extravaganza (where they manage to tear themselves away from illegal gambling just long enough to tear apart trays of pickle barrel sandwiches, assorted puff pastries from chinese bakeries, and some kind of green-tea or chestnut-filled chinese version of a western style birthday cake). then dodgeball. then BACK to the mah-jong den for a multicourse dinner and lots of toasting for my grandpa's 85th. whew.

then i have to come home and ready myself for the week to come. yikes and more yikes.

we also saw two movies this weekend. in the valley of elah and be kind rewind full reviews to follow later tonight if i have it in me (and if my nightime neo citron toddy allows) or tomorrow.


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