Thursday, February 14, 2008


today is the valentine's day. huzzah. i spent the day at work, and then i took my ready-to-burst preggers friend hanners and the baby daddy out for dinner at pho, and then i went to school to record the audio portion of this stupid group presentation for advocacy. unfortunately, the technology was giving us mad issues, so now i've brought the powerpoint home and i have to try to record it here, with assistance from the dotytron. i'm *hoping* the dotytron doesn't get all audiophile obsessive about it and try to like, remaster it or add reverb or some s**t.

so, not very romantic round here. i DID finish my sociology paper though. i'm kind of proud of it. i continued my trend of writing chatty, informal, the-way-i-talk and not terribly standard-academic sounding style of essay writing i've been doing lately (at least, where i can get away with it - in sociology classes). this prof (the hubby of my food studies prof) is much more preoccupied with quantitative method and rigor though, so i don't know how well it will sit. i actually use the words "either you know your s**t or you don't know your s**t" (i even used asterisks to bleep out the key letters...ha!) and i used a line that goes like this: "We have been asked to situate the readings in relation to our own research. I do not currently have any research of any import. What I do have however, is an interest in popular culture and people and a burning desire to be paid copious amounts of money for my prescient, foundation-shattering, brilliantly-written opinions on said cultural phenomena that will allow me to lead a life of decadent leisure." this is a rough breakdown of my paper (cut and pasted from an email exchange with my lone cultural studies friend at school...he was at a loss as to where to go with his essay):

- i talk about how i don't technically have any research at the moment, per se
- i then talk about how i'm not sure that quantitative methodologies would be of much use to me
- then i go into a critique of thomas and griswold's pieces for their defensiveness
that's predicated on trying to resituate positivism with this "provisional,
provincialism", which denies (even as it reiterates) the impetus for using those methods. so, they're trying to argue FOR positivism, even as they're neutering it from the source of its' traction (the fact that you CAN analyze things down into discrete, measurable, comparable data sets), which to me, represents a failure in logic that hasn't adequately been why go to lengths to make an argument for positivism's validity as a support for interpretative analysis, if you're going to contextualize away it's efficacy so that it becomes nothing more than an adjunct interpretative method?
- then i name-check bruno latour and thomas kuhn
- then i name-check some raymond williams quote about not turning people into the objects of your study, and that when you attempt to insert an "objective distance" you collapse your ability to apprehend meaning, nuance, other words, there's something to be said for "knowing your s**t" - so that i can say with confidence that no one gives a rat's ass about shakespeare anymore, except for old dinosaurs who don't matter. like, it seems like some sociology is just out of it. so we're still talking about the "virgin/whore" dialectic or "high culture" stuff that's completely irrelevant to most people's understanding of the world, and we're spending time debunking something that just exists as a paradigmatic discourse now. it exists because we're still SAYING it exists, instead of actually looking to see if that's the's the problem of reifying academic examinations of culture - which is what williams was warning against, methinks.

so this could either go over REALLY well, or the prof will nail my a** to the wall for being a cheeky bastard (with good cause). i'm kind of proud of it, because for myself, i managed to isolate and express my misgivings about the readings in a coherent way...and that was a major block for me to get over.

the KEY thing is: tomorrow is a half day at work, yay! we rented a car and we're going down to visit my sister. i'm giddy with excitement. whoever thought that i would grow to love rochester, ny so much? my sis is grabbing dinosaur bbq for us for dinner. here's a link to the menu. i ordered the tres hombre (with mac'n'chese and the fresh veggie of the day) and the dotytron ordered the fandango plate with mac salad and cole slaw. i also put in an order for their chocolate icebox pie. gah! i'm salivating already! visiting my sister is always so relaxing (for the most part) because all we do is loaf around her living room and eat disgusting amounts of food. bliss.

i also get to see this little bobbin again, and my niece, and we're so stoked. it's been so long since we've seen them! the dotytron is worried that little ze has somehow developed a full vocabulary in the month and a half since we last saw him and will be talking in the queen's english with a clipped british accent. that BETTER not be the case, because look how perfect he is here (also note how the dotytron is so good with kids that it makes most women made of weaker stuff than i to feel an immediate skyrocketing of the maternal urges in their uteri):

have a great long weekend everyone!


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