Tuesday, February 05, 2008

life chez lagerfeld

is currently being lived in small, incremental pleasures. to wit: when one is stressed out and falling behind in both readings and assignments, the natural thing to do after 12 hours away from home is to take solace in the joys of hair-removal - courtesy of a home-waxing kit. you also find immeasurable happiness in wolfing down a big mac combo with a filet-o-fish chaser and sweet-and-sour dipping sauce for fries that a co-worker ever-so-obligingly procures for dinner to the shock and awe (and dare i say begrudging admiration???) of said coworkers as they witness the magic of iron stomach lee in action. you also multi-task by showing up for a lecture for one class, not listening, and take advantage of your boredom and lack of interest by finishing the readings for another class at the same time. the state of your bangs today is beyond satisfactory and you obsess over the potential of recreating the minute choices and multiple "butterfly effects" that lead to the hair gracing your brow to slant ever-so-rakishly and fetchingly. you rejoice in winning a 20 dollar gift card from rogers today during your all-day orientation session. 

the scenarios off-setting all these minor triumphs (the fact that you feel like a bloated pigz0rz, the fact that you're well behind on the three assignments you have due next week, the fact that you're labouring under the suspicion that your supervisors aren't all that impressed with your performance at the new job and it's making you mad paro) are conveniently pushed to the back of your mind for the time being.

instead, you eat two cheesecake brownies and call it a night.

tomorrow is another long day...i packed leftover pasta and seafood chowder and fruit for dinner.


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