Thursday, February 07, 2008

gung hay fat choy!

happy year of the rat, F**KERS! i celebrated by waking up, working a long day, going to the government documents library for three hours after work, and sitting down to a very un-chinese dinner of beef and mushroom pie (although the sublime flakiness of my crust this time bespeaks of much auspiciousness in the year to come) at 9pm. what i SHOULD have been doing is eating the delicious chinese meal that my grandma rustles together every chinese new year's eve, involving all kinds of metaphor-laden, phonetically-prominent foods that herald wealth and happiness and health for the year to come. usually, we also troop down to my grandparents living room, where they have pictures of my grandpa's mater and pater displayed, and we offer them food and then bow three times to show respect for our mighty ancestors, without whom we wouldn't be rejoicing in a life of western idyll. i would also be collecting mad coin, as my continued spinster state (co-habitation does not a legally binding marriage contract make!) means that i can still be the recipient of lucky money from married people. this didn't stop my grandma from asking me pointedly if this year (the year of the rat) was going to be the year that i get married. i think once i graduate, i can start thinking about it. i'm sure i can throw SOMETHING together, if only to make grandmere happy. little does she know the spectacle that awaits!!!

part of my life's work involves driving the dotytron crazy. it's a slow, arduous process of constant adjustment and refinement. one thing that drives him crazy is the fact that the ACTUAL lyric to the theme from frasier is "TOSSED salad and scrambled eggs". the other thing that drives him crazy is that he knows full well that when i hear vocal jazz, what i supplant it with in my head is the theme from frasier. it drives him NUTS. he thinks i'm besmirching the whole genre. i probably am, but is it MY fault that the genre of vocal jazz lends itself to my muddled and muddied pop cultural associations? no.

shouts out to ms. s. green who saved me an additional 10 hours of work today. that's all that needs to be said, but know that i appreciate it. to the spirit of collaboration!

i think i'm going to take the night off tonight and watch my taped episode of project runway and knit.


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