Saturday, January 19, 2008

you know what's the worst?

last night's dinner was AMAZING. i took some egg tagliatelle, boiled it up to al dente-ness. meanwhile, in another pan, i shredded (read: my handy-dandy japanese mandoline shredded) two heads of radicchio which i sauteed in some olive oil with some chopped garlic. i added about 3/4 of a cup of bagna cauda, and tossed it with the tagliatelle, a VERY runny fried egg and a shower of parm. hoooooooo. that be some tasty grub. for those of you who don't know, bagna cauda means "warm bath" in italian and it's a sauce made from anchovies. the basic ingredients are like this: 1 stick of butter, 1/4 c - 1/2 c. of olive oil, a crap load of minced garlic (which you heat up in the butter-olive oil mixture over low heat, until fragrant), a crapload of minced anchovies (which you add to the mixture and warm over low heat after the garlic is fragrant), the zest and juice of a couple of lemons, a crapload of freshly ground black pepper. it's delicious. i adore the stuff. it's very versatile.

started working our way through firefly. love it. freakin' love it. joss whedon really sharpened up his game after 7 years of buffy and i don't know how many of angel. it's so good! his characters are so endearing, and it's made me love nathan fillion even more than i did after waitress. i love his voice and it's such a great, noble-but-flawed-but-flawed-in-all-the-best-ways character (it's like spike from buffy but different). i love le whedon because his writing is so funny. funnier than most so-called comedies on tv. it's so dry, acerbic and sarcasmo, which is my family's trade. i'm going to be sad when it ends though.

today is a homework/reading day. i think we're going to try to see the late show of cloverfield tonight. my brother called me from the theatre he was at last night saying that every 20 minutes, someone was leaving the show because they were so dizzy from the hand-held camera action (or as my brother called it - cloverfielded). let's see whether j.j. abrams deserves the hype.

for dinner i'm making chilaquiles. chilaquiles is a traditional dish (usually served in breakfast) using freshly fried (though more often than not leftover) crispy corn tortilla chips, mixed with a some kind of salsa, usually with leftover pork or chicken mixed in and maybe an egg. i'm doing mine with chorizo, and a guajillo sauce (you take a dried guajillo pepper, soak it in boiling water for 10 minutes. when it's softened, blend it with some crushed tomatoes from a can, and maybe a chipotle in adobo, and add it to your onion-garlic-chorizo mix in a saute pan with some cumin, coriander, or other spices to your taste and cook it out), topped with a poached egg, drizzled with sour cream and chunks of avocado. i can't decide if i'm making a dessert or not. maybe i'll make some cookies. the dotytron's class requested gingersnaps. i kind of want to make either a pumpkin cheesecake or an apple crisp with custard sauce.


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