Thursday, January 17, 2008

taking care of business

wow. my distance course is like a glorified self-help session taught by an amalgam of every susan powter-tony robbins-celestine prophecy-wielding-juice-guzzling-secret that's marched across oprah's lap and bilked poor rubes of thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money. it's about "advocacy and library issues". the professor takes GREAT PAINS to impress upon us that she expects "graduate level" work and that advocacy has to be substantial and researched, otherwise it's just "cheer-leading" and then she has us do "passion" exercises and "courage" exercises and post on this trite little message board a "personal story - what do libraries mean to you?". which for some reason, means that everyone in my class takes this as an opportunity to talk like they're all little orphan dyslexics with half a leg and that by entering the hallowed halls of libraries, they were absolved of their sins (or something to that effect...seriously, one person wrote that the library was "the church of my belief") - i don't even KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! and I'M the one who used the terminology "heavy metal rope chains". gah! it's so banal. at least when a class is in person, i can just not listen. but no, i get marked for participating in the discussion thread and thus have to wade through all this pap.

the good thing is: i cooked myself a nice little dinner tonight. we had chicken breasts, dried shitake mushrooms, and chinese sausage steamed in a flavoured soy sauce, on top of steamed rice with steamed baby shanghai choy in a spicy soy marinade. delicious!

okay, back to advocacy.


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