Monday, January 14, 2008

soljah boy up in it

okay guys, i know something awful, weighty, and terrible that is dampening my spirits and subjugating my usual cheery industriousness under its conscience-busting lead blanket of guilt and recriminations.

*deep breath*

I DID IT. i think i dropped a bomb yesterday during dodgeball that so unhinged the team, it resulted in us losing two of our finest players for the duration of the season. it started maybe a game or two before the fateful incident. me and dr. rei were standing next to each other, waiting for the game to begin, when out of nowhere, unbidden, i started singing to myself. softly, practically a whisper, i uttered the melodious refrain: "convict. music" i should have known that you don't bring akon into a respectable sporting event. and so marked the beginning of my denouement.

the second act of this tragic tale of sordid depravity (to rival the gothic literature of poe himself!), begins in the following game, when dr. rei, perhaps inspired by my pitiful weakness, began singing the enormously popular ditty, "crank dat" by soljah boy. having just learned something terribly true about the song and the genesis of its' chorus, i was compelled - nay, FORCED! - to unburden myself to my fellow teammates. "do you know what 'superman that ho' means?" who could resist such a tantalizing gambit? certainly not my teammates, their fortitude and shining moral character notwithstanding. why, oh why? why did i tell them what i knew about superman-ing that ho? for those curious - and, dear reader, i entreat you to muster the strength to keep your curiosity at bay! - but should you find yourself, as weak as i, then the urban dictionary will have the hideous answer you seek. the reaction was immediately apparent. dr. rei's mouth gaped open, faces blanched, there was confusion and consternation to rival a un general assembly meeting...and i cannot but think that the mass hysteria and destabilization instigated by my revelation resulted in the clouding of the minds of my fellow team-mates, culminating in poorly made (though, given what i have just told you, completely understandable) decisions by minds beset with thoughts a-foul.

on the plus side, irish feast went really well on sunday. the pictures say it all. i'm especially pleased with the turnout on the creamed horseradish cabbage, and the bread pudding.i usually think that the amount of bread called for in a bread pudding is NEVER enough for my projected appetite, so i end up plusing up the bread, and keeping the custard the same. FOOL! this time i followed the proportions exactly, and what emerged from my oven, all golden and burnished and puffed and proud, pimpled with chopped pecans, like a teenager squiring his first girlfriend to the senior dance? this little beauty. which was pushed into the stratosphere by the benediction of some whiskey toffee sauce. soooo tasty.

i foolishly entered into the "great moussaka challenge 2008" against my old supervisor at work. i'm toast. we were supposed to eat my entry last night and the challenge was supposed to take place today at lunch, but because i spent the better part of last night at the hospital (side note: spending time at the hospital with a crew that consists of chris the chief, his lady, bwong, dotytron, dr. rei, aaron, and maria is probably the most enjoyable way of whiling away waiting room eternity there is. we learned about the weather, and geo-science, and dissected the wounds of our compatriots as omens. for good or ill - tbd), dr. rei, the dotytron and i ended up eating dinner at all you can eat korean bbq. which was AWESOME. but put me into a meat stupor. anyway, tonight i cooked the moussaka. here's my entry. ground lamb in a spiced tomato sauce, layered with grilled eggplant, sliced potatoes, and topped with a parmesan bechamel. we'll see.

tomorrow is my long day.  



dr.rei said...

that moussaka looks amazing dude! also, it's not your fault that peeps got hurt lol...but i urge your readers not to click on that link and live in blissful ignorance!!!

korean bbq 4 life! i felt 10 billion times better after that delicious dinner..thanks again you little industrious pig!

kitsch:in:sync said...
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kitsch:in:sync said...

hanging out together in a hospital waiting room was absolutely enchanting, totally endearing and tender (even if your hyper-productivity ideals do stress me out). i think you guys thought i was joking when i said i wouldn't care if i died there because of how happy i was to sit around in a circle deconstructing the universe, the dubiousness of dap/pound/knock-sending (which i still think travels as a wave and, therefore, requires a medium through which to propogate), tree chest bumping and nerding out over the effects of hand mashers vs food mill on the tater starch glutens but i was completely serious. waiting out that $18, 2hr parking ticket made for a better time than any nye/bday/etc in recent memory.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

oooh...a deleted post! come forward, self-editor! reveal thyself!