Tuesday, January 29, 2008

skunky la rue

another short post as i've got another mother of a day today. and i was informed yesterday that i'm basically not going to be getting any more formal training sessions as we're so insanely busy, and that i'll effectively be "trained on the job". this has pros and cons. pros: no more falling asleep! cons: working on live questions! but i'm not going to bore you with tales of my workplace and how i spent half an hour last night (sneakily waiting until everyone else had left the office, of course) to practice and re-record my voice mail message about 10 dozen times.

in other news: there's a skunk that's taken up residence underneath our back porch. we knew he was there, we tolerated his presence, we had established a mutual policy of ignoring each other, and it was working out rather well (it's analagous to my relationship with geddy lee from rush - we just go our separate ways). then two nights ago, he had to go and drop some stinkbutt on us. and while i don't necessarily find skunk spray overwhelmingly repugnant (less offensive than say, rotten eggs or oysters or too-strong perfume, or b.o), the sheer stink-to-air saturation point and the speed with which this air-colonization occurs is a little off-putting. so i've put in a call to the landlord who will commence eviction proceedings sometime this weekend. serves you right, geddy lee! i mean, skunky la rue.

dinner tonight is more lasagne. i'm quite taken with it. my usual begrudging resentment at eating leftovers isn't coming to the fore as much. but i'm also waging war against captain pms - which means i REALLY want to be eating a wendy's baconator stuffed inside of a burrito made out of popeye's fried chicken skin sauced in packaged gravy.


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e-dawg(outlaw bro) said...

The key to removing an unwanted skunk is, of course, finding a black female cat and painting a white stripe down its back.