Saturday, January 26, 2008

sensual seduction

oh man. yesterday was a gong show. it started with me coming home, having to bake a cheesecake in an hour, and having like a minor breakdown because when i walked in, the dotytron had left all kinds of lights on, and had gone grocery shopping and hadn't put stuff away properly, and wasn't tidying up after himself. i'm only human, i'm doing a LOT right now, and he only works for like 2 hours on fridays (teaching his class). so i BLEW UP! and left a message on his phone, detailing why i was pissed, as i scrambled around simultaneously making the cheesecake, and cleaning up after a mess that **i** didn't make.

so i figured he would check his messages, come home, say sorry, and all would be forgiven. he steps in the door, and hadn't checked his messages, so i kind of lay into him a little bit (not yelling...more "stern/displeased" voice). then he gets pissed at me, because he doesn't like coming in the door from work and dealing with my shiz. which is valid, but the thing is...THAT'S WHAT I WAS SAYING. i don't like coming in the door, after a full week of job and school, and having to deal with someone else's shiz. so whatever...just a petty little domestic squabble,

dr. rei come over, witnessed some of the tension (she's family now, so it's all like, whatever) and we talk about it, and it's cool. basically, some people JUST DON'T THINK LIKE THAT, and i happen to live with two of them. two people who magically think that the kitchen floor sweeps and mops itself, and that there's ALWAYS SOMEONE THERE IN YOUR LIFE to remind you when our garbage day is (after three years!!!) and WHICH garbage day it is, and think that a home-cooked, constantly varying, balanced meal just APPEARS out of thin air each and every night. there are people EVERYWHERE who blissfully capitalize on the fact that there's people like me and dr. rei who DO these things. it's like the invisible domestic help or something. anyway, so whatever, it's fine.

ANYWAY, before we leave for the night, i know dr. rei is coming over to sleep over after the show, so i tell the dotytron: "can you please get out the blankets and spare pillows and put them on the futon for dr. rei" and he goes, "right now?" and i say, "no it's okay, we gotta go, just make sure you do it before you go to sleep"
SO, when dr. rei and i walk in the door at 2:30am, there's NOTHING on the futon. not only that, but the throw pillows and stuff that are always in the living room on the futon ARE GONE. so not only did he NOT do what i asked him to do, he NEGATIVE did it. there was LESS there than when we left the house!!! (he had taken the pillows downstairs to lie on the floor to watch stuff on his computer). then, when i go into the room, and just kind of exasperatedly tell him (not angry, just rollseyes): "dude, you didn't set up the bed for dr. rei," he says THIS: "you didn't tell me to" !!!!!!!!!!! and ladies and gentlemen, THAT'S why i've got to be a hardass. you give the dotytron an inch, and before you know it, we're living in a flophouse eating beans out of a can warmed over a candle.

hotpot with my mom was awesome. she was on point last night (being really funny) and hotpot is always stupid good...except i forgot my camera! boooo. suffice to say that we ate lots and lots of thinly sliced meat and meat-related products.

the show was also awesome, though not as good as the last time i saw tittsworth. there wasn't as much bmore as when i saw him last winter at crosstown, and he played some banging' house stuff a la the jokers of the scene. however! tittsworth is looking hella fine lately. i think he lost some lbs...he's hotted up bigtime. it was also amazing being there with the k-w-g crew, whom i love. they just radiate good vibes.

i was going to go to the law library today, but i think i'm going to stay home and do homework here, and nap a bit, because i woke up at 8:30 this morn. i'll go to the law library tomorrow and do my tomorrow homework today. i'm having my friend d and bwong over for dinnie and then we're going to see persepolis. in case you're not as detail-oriented as i and didn't notice, i've started notating titles with italics, as per academic style. it's not because i'm putting a stress on the word, even if that's how it looks. it just seemed neater than encapsulating titles in quotation marks. the dotytron's nany and popa do the cutest thing with quotation marks. when you get a birthday card, the hand-written portion will read - "happy birthday" love nany and popa. i'm guessing that they do it like that because that's what they're saying to you, but in written form, but then it always gives us a laugh, because the quotes kinda makes it seem like they're being snarky about it. "happy birthday" "merry christmas". haha.

tonight for dinner we're feasting! we're having prime rib, rubbed with rosemary, jus (aka gravy), smashed baby yukon gold potatoes roasted in duck fat, yorkshire puddings, broccoli, and roasted brussel sprouts. AND the aforementioned, breaking-point cheesecake (pumpking cheesecake with brown sugar sour cream topping) for dessert.

p.s. this is the dotytron's favorite musical thing in the world right now - snoop's sensual seduction. he didn't go to tittsworth with us last night (he hates bmore), and i like to think that he spent the night playing this on repeat. it IS all kinds of fantastico. snoop + voice box/vocoder + 80s production + talking about making sweet love to a woman = AWESOME.


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