Monday, January 07, 2008

the road is long

these long days are intensity in ten cities. holy's rough! my eyes are all googly from staring at computer screens all day, and the training is pretty grueling, and at this point, all academic. someone could take you step by step through every nook and cranny of a database, but it's all going to be theoretical until i start working on questions. i'm the kind of person who learns by doing, so getting walked through databases is just overwhelming, especially as it's impossible to hit everything, and everyone has their own personal techniques.

tonight's class is called "the future of objectivity"...i think it's offered as part of the communication and technology department, which in turn is in cahoots with the mcluhan centre, i think. anyway, i think marshall mcluhan is completely boring and utterly uninteresting (based on having never read any of his books, just a hunch) and so i like to disparage and pooh-pooh anything to do with his name. if there's one thing i do well, it's pooh-pooh things based on (amazingly prescient) hunches. i'm excited for this course...but we'll see what the professor and syllabus reveal. it's the kind of course where i think the readings are going to be interesting, and it's going to be labour intensive, in that it's going to be tutorial based and you'll have to come to class really prepared, and the paper will be challenging because it's intellectually engaging material and thus, time consuming in that way. compared against some other courses i'm shopping around, which aren't intellectually engaging, but have final projects that are also time consuming, because you're busy beating your head against your desk as you try to plumb the very depths of your tolerance for the asinine and banal to fulfill the page requirements for busywork. i don't know which side of the fence i want to land on, quite yet, which is what makes this week particularly annoying. i'm probably only going to take 2 night classes, but i'm going to 3 this week to weigh out my options.

i packed my dinner tonight...pictured is an egg salad sammy (with creole mustard, chopped celery and red onion, mayo) in half a toasted pita break pita, with a roasted tomato soup (i add carrots to cut the acidity with some sweetness). the dinnerware belongs to the workplace.

last night's dinnie went okay...i underseasoned the food a bit. it's plaguing me. i'm tortured by it. the last time we had ben and gill over for dinner, i also forgot to season the burgers they ate. that plagued me for ages too (a timelined search of this blog would probably revealed angsty missives to that effect). i don't know how that happens! what rotten luck! it's like, they've probably heard that i'm a good cook, and every time they come over, i they probably think that my reputation as a good cook is entirely unearned (in my fevered, type A, ocd-driven megalomania, i can only think that my friends have nothing better to do than deconstruct the meal i just served them, and besmirch my gastronomical repute). gah! the chai spiced creme brulee was a winner though. no questions. it was extra creamy and luscious, the way i like it (i don't like firm creme brulees...they should ideally be a denser whipped cream-like texture).

i'm already back from school, but i'm tired and cranky and i'll post a review of my class tomorrow.

a demain


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