Thursday, January 10, 2008

potential bummer

my courses just refuse to settle down! so i show up at "sociology of culture" at the appointed time yesterday (4pm, class is supposed to run until 6pm), only to find that the prof that is supposed to be teaching it, has taken emergency medical leave. bummer. replacement prof, is the husband of my sociology of food prof i had last term, and he sat in a few times, and i like him. opposite of bummer. then i find out that the course time conflicts with his schedule, so they have to move it to wednesday morning. bummer. i make arrangements with my work to see if i can go to work, leave for a bit to go to class, and then come back. it turns out to work out to me being gone the same amount of time as when i was being let off early to make it to the afternoon class. opposite of bummer. the sociology chair has narrowed down the replacement course time to two potentials: wednesday morning or thursday morning. the ONLY time i'm not allowed to have a class is thursday morning, because we have these super-important reference meetings and if i missed them all, i'd be out of the loop. bummer. the chair is going to hear back from everyone, and whichever slot results in the highest enrollment, they're going to keep. something tells me that i'm going to lose out, which means not only do i not get the course i've been looking forward to more than anything, i also have to scramble to find another course i want to take. bummer!

why can't things just be easy? you know what's easy? clam linguine with pan-roasted grape tomatoes, parsley, onions, garlic and white wine. and a spinach salad with avocado, more grape tomatoes, and red onion in a red wine vinaigrette. very easy. dinner in 30 minutes easy.

you know what else is easy? this scarf from this dude's site. it's a one-skein project, knits up in an hour, and it looks fierce! i love the yarn, and it's cozy and warm and practical and i can use it as an accessory to jazz up my predominantly black, winter wardrobe.

i also finished blocking that baby sweater. it turned out really cute! blocking is a knitting finishing technique where you soak the item in tepid water and a yarn wash, to clean it, and to relax the fibres. then you roll it up in a towel, and squeeze as much moisture as you can out (without twisting and damaging the finished object too much). then you pin it out to the dimensions that you want it to be. so basically, the yarn fibres get all relaxed from the bath, and as they dry in the pinned-out formation, the stitches kind of straighten up and look sharp. it just makes your stitches more even, and wool has "memory" so it'll kind of conform to the shape you pin it out also makes something look more professional.

now i'm going to do a menu plan for the next few weeks coming up. i LOVE LOVE LOVE doing menu planning. i'm going to do this to distract me from the fact that with my rotten luck, the class is going to want it on thursday mornings and i'm effectively screwed, even though i KNOW IN THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART that i will love that class more than anyone. booooooooo.

tomorrow is a fun evening! i'm working, then coming home, and rounding up the dotytron, and we're going to our friend's house, eating dinnie on the west side of town (i'm voting for bacchus roti or the new ghandi's offshoot - also for rotis - ) and then going to this new bar called "wrongbar" which is going to be hipster central, to dance the night away with some of my favorite people to the slammin' sounds of kid sister. fun!!! i CAN'T. WAIT. to dance. brup!

here's the kid sister video for the song "pro nails" featuring kanye, that's storming the charts near you!


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