Saturday, January 12, 2008

opposite of bummer!

my class time works out so that i can take it! sweet!!!!! some other poor sociology schlubs got screwed in the process, but really, i wanted it more than them. one poor girl actually piped up in the first class and said something along the lines of, "ummm...i have a question...i'm a little intimidated by this class because i've never had anything to do with culture before" a thousand daggers through mine heart! it was all i could do to restrain myself from exuberantly jumping up and proclaiming, "but you LIVE it!" i didn't want to show all my cards on the first day. my all-consuming love of culture will be revealed in due time. also, i can't feel that badly that i, a sociology interloper can take the course and people who actually need the course for their degree got the shaft, because this is the course that's going to give me the forum to be the next (and better) chuck klosterman. for those who don't know, chuck klosterman (pictured above) is a widely published american journalist whose work frequently focuses on popular culture. he's published several books of his collected works, with such boringly obvious titles as, "sex, drugs, & cocoa puffs" *yawn* MY opus, on the other hand, would probably be entitled, "fatty carmichael strikes again: true tales from the life of an industrious pig" or "lucky buttons ain't what she used to be: true tales from the life of an industrious pig" or "kate bush always sounds like she's naked in a forest reaching out to you: true tales from the life of an industrious pig". i think i deserve his job because MY thoughts on popular culture are ever-so much more insightful and funny than his. he takes cracks at britney spears, and he's probably one of those poor sods who deifies radiohead *yawn*. i'm above such things...and i've proven to be astoundingly adept at predicting trends and nailing cultural analyses before my time. unfortunately, my audience thus far consists of dr. rei, the dotytron, my select few friends, and my family. but they know! i'm first on the ball!

anyway, for my paper for sociology i'm thinking of expanding on my theory of diplo as neo-colonialist cultural thievery corporation, who preys on the "exoticness" of the other. we'll see how far i can take it. this is a pic of me and the dotytron on new year's eve at jack astor's, taken by my friend bwong. look at how good my good side looks! it's a smooth criminal. i wish every pic ever taken of me could look that good. blurry, overexposed, and good side = photogenic me. every other conceivable permutation of lighting/megapixel/camera configuration = good googly moogly me (where googly moogly is considered something bad).

when i picked up my paper from my food course prof yesterday, she handed my paper back and stressed that i have to keep writing. that the world needs my voice, especially when it comes to food writing. i kind of feel the same way. but i don't know that i'm driven enough for large-scale world domination to chase greatness like that. i'm way more into the day-to-day. when i'm done school, i'll probably delve deeper into food scholarship and see whether i can cobble some stuff together for submission. i mentioned that i was looking forward to reading this book on foodies that she and her husband (my soc. of culture prof) are writing to be published by routledge. then she asked me if i would be willing to help on that project! WOULD I? routledge is THE ultimate publisher of cultural studies and theory. THE! so, if it all works out, i'm kind of indirectly being published by routledge! what a feather in my butt! hopefully it works out...i'd love to work on the project in whatever capacity i could.

last night was loads and heaps of fun. i love my k/w (and guelph!) crew...and my friends' apartment on the west side almost makes me consider moving out there. roncesvalles is a sweet neighbourhood. kid sister was hype, but there were some things to mar the evening. number 1 was jokers of the scene (who played just before kid sis). i HATE jokers of the scene. they blow. it's not even good party tunes. check out some samples here. who listens to this crap? seriously? it shows you how bad they are that when they "unexpectedly" dropped some late-era shite jungle tune, i seized upon it like it was a new episode of battlestar galactica, dropped amidst the barren wasteland of network television during the writer's strike. then there was a wee problem with the lack of dancefloor etiquette from the crowd. we had staked a claim for most of the evening, and then, shortly before kid sister came on, a group of kids bum-rushed the stage and i had to deal with sweatosasurus rex and his STUPID KNIT CAP (which i don't need mythbusters to tell me exacerbated his sweatbotness by a factor of ten billion), and his stupid sunglasses-at-night wearing gf doing inappropriate couples swing dancing and bumping me. so i got the sharpie elbows out and was elbowing and pushing back. i told off the guy once, and he left, but he returned later. it all came to a head and culminated in me telling the girl: "you have to get the F**K out of my face"
girl (head tilted back, moonily gazing rapt at some lighting fixture in the ceiling, her voice, a qualudes modified affected drawl): "whhhhhhyyyyyy"
me: "because you're sweaty and disgusting and you've been in my space all night and you need to STAND THE F**K DOWN"

i may be a petit poussin, but i've got the spirit of the world's mightiest game cock, and i think i scared the bejezus out of her, because she made herself scarce and didn't return. i had had ENOUGH!

kid sister was too crowded. it was fun, but i had more fun hanging with my crew, and i think i had witnessed the pinnacle kid sis show at the fool's gold tour in the fall with dr. rei, so this was a little bit of a letdown. i'm SUPER hype for tittsworth in two weeks, because he's a little lower pro, and i don't think it'll be as crowded, and i won't want to stand up close, cuz he's just a dj, so i can find space to dance. listening to the winter mix i linked above is making me so hype!!!

tonight we're having a dr. rei and bwong night. we were going to see "there will be blood" but there aren't any late shows, so we're going to watch "last of the mohicans" instead. in honour of daniel day-lewis (who, according to my bro is morphing into timothy dalton at an exponential rate) and his crazy method acting preparation style, i'm making an irish themed meal. we're having corned beef, horseradish creamed cabbage with breadcrumbs, broccoli, and garlic mashed potatoes. for dessert we're having a pecan bread pudding with whiskey toffee sauce. i might consider altering the irish theme by adding bananas to the bread pudding.



schmee said...

all i have to say is: "slide whistle"

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

i'm a slide whistle impresario, what can i say?