Tuesday, January 08, 2008


okay, folks. i'm willing to know when to call a draw a draw, when to realize my limits and size up the situation, know that when the dealer is showing 20 and i've got 17, that i should probably fold (although this is also the girl who went to vegas, got swept up in the fervor of gamblor and pure oxygen and ended up playing WAR for money...the dotytron had to pull me away from the table, as i lost $50 in about two seconds). so i'm going to 'fess up here, acknowledge the grim reality, and say this pretty baldly:


mid-way through my legal librarianship class tonight, it hit me like a tonne of bricks. the next 12 weeks i'm so getting pwned. PWNED. as in: PURE OWNAGE. i'm not saying that i'm not going to go down fighting...i'm nothing if not small and feisty...but my time is no longer my own. i got home at 9, fixed my lunch, laid out my clothes for tomorrow, got organized, it's 9:45pm, and i still have to read through a giant philosophical article that picks apart the nature of objectivity versus subjectivity (which i think i've signed up to present on for monday. first presentation of the class. yikes.)

there's nothing to do but duck my head down and buck down and do it. straight up. i'll come out the other end one way or another (as poo, more likely than not). (poo is my nemesis).

my "future of objectivity" class is kinda wonky.
a) the prof is a noob. some dude doing his post-doc who's never taught at u of t before.
b) most of the peeps are fis students, who aren't used to talky classes like this, so i've got a toe up
c) the work load (minus the big paper) is pretty manageable.

a) the prof is a dweeb. he talks in a dweeby voice and is one of those people that instantly kind of grates on me
b) my nemesis is in the class. (not poo. another nemesis. a human version). my nemesis is tres annoying. my nemesis lacks a sense of humour on a level that borders on the criminal. being humourless is a crime against humanity.
c) dweeb + nemesis = karl lagerfeld getting extra obnoxious, lippy, and snarky (this manifests itself when it tumbles from my 5'4" form as less a**hole-y than it would from someone in a different package). i don't have the patience for either one of them.

i think i'm going to stick with it, anyway. i can survive anything, right? right? bueller? bueller?

tonight for dinner i had a bowl of goulash that my supervisor made and brought in for me. it was hella tasty, but i didn't get a picture of it because i was too busy yamming. tomorrow is the sociology of culture class. YES! that's the one i'm looking forward to the most.


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