Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year!

if jack astor's was any indication, 2008 is going to be the year of la lagerfeld. wow. there are no words to accurately describe what i witnessed. my montreal friend bailed so it was just me and my friend bwong bearing witness to the drunken mayhem...it was like we had stepped through the looking glass in the wardrobe to some other dimension. i was served the stiffest shirley temple i've ever had (what makes a "stiff" shirley temple you ask? i don't know...alls i know is that it's fun saying it, and that jack astor's has a heavy hand with the grenadine), and we met some interesting characters out there in the wilds of scarborough.

during a set break, i was chatting with the singer and the dotytron came up to see us. the singer turned to me, and gesturing to the dotytron said, "aren't you just proud of him?" i didn't know how to answer that question, so i kind of hemmed and hawed, and i think i mustered a "sorta". what the heck are you supposed to say to that? i mean, i AM proud of him for a host of other things, but not necessarily for his performance last night (this set break came directly after the chords in mr. big's "to be with you" were messed up, and i hold that song near and dear to my heart, so the reverberations of that number were probably impacting the speed and facility with which i responded to the question). the dotytron makes a mean bed, is a funny and gregarious person who's capable of ad-libbing his own dialogue into movies with hilarious effect, but when asked if i was proud of him, in the context that she was referring to, i was completely at a loss. then later in the evening, shortly after the clocked had wound down, auld lang syne had been sung, noise-makers used for their explicit purpose and the balloons had come down, the dotytron gestured to me during a chatty interlude between songs to bring up his half-finished beer. as i'm walking in front of the band, the singer, mistaking the pantomimed exchange between us, says into the microphone, "it's okay, go ahead and give her a hug," and i, frozen in front of the stage, in the process of handing him a beer, like a deer in the headlights, stammer out the words, "uhhh...we don't DO THAT KIND OF THING" it was pretty funny. i also witnessed about thirty different meltdowns of varying degrees of intensity.

today was a day spent in the sheltering embrace of mordor. we fulfilled dr. rei's long-standing (though oft-ignored) behest to re-visit the lord of the rings trilogy, so we watched the two towers today. we also feasted and now i'm battling off heart burn with the diffident tactical leadership of the king of rohan (ie. not very well, and staging an attack too late). we had a breakfast of fried eggs, bob evans sausage, toast and monkey bread, and then hot crab and artichoke dip with pita chips, and poutine, made with hand-cut, twice-fried, russet potatoes with cheese curds and swiss chalet gravy. i feel like ass. i can't wait to eat fruit and vegetables, which i'm starting again tomorrow, along with my first day on the job as a librarian. i'm hoping the day will be light, filled mostly with moving my desk to its' new location and settling in and pestering my new hub-mates (they call it the "reference hub") with annoying n00b questions: "am i allowed to check facebook on here?" "is it okay if i put my winter boots here?" "you guys are cool if i store chinese thousand year old eggs in my desk, right?" "does this photo montage of my bf covering half my padded wall provide tmi?"

i haven't set up the driver for my digi-cam yet, so there's a backlog of food pictures...and i'll probably be posting at night as my days will be starting at 8:30 in the morn, every morn.

happy new year everyone! i hope '08 brings you all the health and happiness and transcendental meditation that you desire.


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