Sunday, January 06, 2008

happy happy

i've successfully moved all my files back onto my computer from my old hard drive and this morning, i was happily updating all my excel lists and word documents and organizing everything on my new computer and all is right in the world. it gives me immeasurable pleasure having my life organized, and while i was waiting for everything to transfer, i sorted our linens too. it's a strange kind of sickness i turns out that i've left my youth squandered on drugs aside, and now organization and list-making are my narcotics of choice. it's a victim-less vice!

veggie lasagne turned out alright, but i ultimately prefer a sausage or some other pork-product filled one instead. it's just kind of meh. i also accidentally under-seasoned a bit which wasn't helping my case any. the trifle was delicious, and there's a blurry shot of it for your personal edification. it's the same one i made for the dotytron's christmas dinnie, cobbled together from leftover components i had.

i visited the new yarn store at the bottom of my street. it's called the purple purl, and it's delightful. they have a good amount of stuff that i want to buy, amazing buttons, needles, and books and magazines. i think they're going to start selling baked goods, so i wonder if i can get in there and peddle my wares. apparently they've already lined up a baker who's all organic and fair trade, but i'm willing to go american gladiator styles and bet that my stuff pwns hers. it's a very cozy shop though, and it's nice that it's so close to me. there's lots of comfy seating in there, if you're the type of person who's inclined to sit with random strangers and chat with the underlying assumption that because you share an interest (knitting) you must have other commonalities (i'm not that kind of person). i mean, there's a chance that we might get along, and there's a certain amount of conversation to be generated by the shared topic of interest (knitting) and i'm sure that the people are very nice, but that doesn't mean i want to sit and chief it up there. judging by the snippets of conversation i heard yesterday while i was in the shop, i knew it wasn't going to work out with me and the regular clientele. select lines: "well, i'm fat and fit so i don't see the need to work out" (with all due respect to people's personal health and lifestyle choices and to the pervasive and damaging premium our culture places on thinness, this woman was about 275 pounds on a 5 foot 4 inch frame...i don't know if that qualifies one as "fit" per se); "i don't know what it is about men. there's just something on that y chromosome. don't you just want to take a man and wash his mouth out with soap sometimes?" *insert rolleyesdotbarfdotgif* i should just show up at one and start talking about like, breakcore or something. "so, what do you guys think about the new bong ra?"

last night was fun, although we ended up doing only half of the things we wanted to do. my two brothers came down and ate dinner, and then we were going to watch juno. we went half an hour early, and it was already sold out! so then we trudged back home and watched a ripped copy of "i am legend". i like it when will smith does action-related things that still allow him room to act (ie. cheers to "independence day" jeers to "the legend of bagger vance" or "the pursuit of happyness") . overall, it was pretty solid entertainment. low on the cheese and schmaltz factor, high on the thrills and chills. unfortunately, also high on the cgi monsters, which just blows. i'm uniquely susceptible to apocalyptic, doomsday, last-person-on-earth scenarios though, so i might be giving it more leniency than it deserves.

at that point, it was late, and we were torn. should we go to my friend e's going away party (he's moving to england for a year) at the magpie, or go to the dotytron's good friend's birthday/going away party at the rex? in the end, we were worried about my littlest bro getting carded, so we opted to take the neutral position and stay at home and eat chips and drink (i had a ginger ale, the others had more sturdy libations).

today is a day of futzing and readying for school madness this week. i'm going to block this baby sweater i finished and knit, and we're having people over for dinnie, our friends ben and gill. i'm making an indian feast: samosas (not made by me, by the self-ordained "sultan of samosas"), spinach and onion pakoras with tamarind dipping sauce, steamed rice with pistachios and almonds, eggplant bharta, and chickpea korma. for dessert i made chai-spiced creme brulees.



dr.rei said...

chai-spiced creme brulees are LIFE!

steph said...

I love cleaning out closets and fridges, especially if they are not mine. The pure joy of old food hitting the garbage can is amazing!!!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

steph!!! we must hang out again soon!

your famous friend.

futronic said...

Nice stuff, El Lagerfeld. I have to fill you in a weekend of glutton! 2.5 pounds of foie, flames, a couple duck fat splatter burns, risotto, 25 year old balsamic, veal, and a kick ass chocolate souffle. And that was just one meal! Hit me up on MSN and I'll fill you in. Pics too.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

i can't use msn at work! and i'm going to be at work you do gmail im?

email me at my hotmail and we'll talk.