Wednesday, January 16, 2008

from the mouths of babes

wow. sometimes i ain't so smart. i think (i know) i actually used the terminology "heavy metal rope chains" in the last post. what the crap am i looning on about? how are you people still reading me? although, is it possible to have a metal rope? or does "rope" by definition imply some kind of natural, fibrous

wikipedia to the rescue! according to them, rope = fibres, which means me = dummy fantastico.

you can't win them all. i'm feel a tsunami of stress starting to take me over. mainly because i was finally granted access to the online material for my distance course and it SEEMS like a lot right now. lots of video lectures and exercises in workbooks and contributions to discussion threads online. yikes. last night, i was at work til 8pm, because i had to participate in a "teleconference" at 7pm, so i figured i might as well stay and do it at work where i run the risk of less temptations in the form of taped episodes of "project runway". teleconferences are DUMB. especially, class-type ones. i'd rather collaborate on a least you aren't FORCED to listen to dummies from around the country blather on about something stupid that you don't care about. on a wiki, i can scan and discard. with a teleconference, i HAVE to listen in case my name gets called and i miss out because i'm too distracted watching old hall & oates music videos on youtube. anyway, i'm feeling a little stressed because i have like, 2 hours of video lectures to slog through just to get caught up. but it's manageable...i'm just feeling anxiety because i haven't done it yet, and it's a big thing waiting to be crossed off my list.

i was also a giant dummy in my sociology of culture class this morning because i'm not so up on my sociology, and as faithful readers know, i'm kind of dicey when it comes to actual quantitative analysis of anything. it's not my forte. so we read a bunch of introductory articles that kept talking about how culture is "autonomous" and how it should be "opposed" to the technological, economic, etc (as opposed to marx, who posited that culture lags behind the economic imperative). my thing is this: why should ANYTHING be autonomous? they're all imbricated in each other (society-economics-technology-and all the other isms and ologies), so why try to make a case for separating out any one of those things? anyway, the end result of my poorly phrased and worded questions was that me = dummy fantastico.

it definitely has not been a red letter day.

in other news, why is everyone blathering on about "atonement"? since when is keira knightley considered an actress worth considering? it's such academy-bait that it's sickening. ugh. hoity-toity costume pieces with clipped british accents is NOT my idea of a transportive film experience.

tomorrow i finally get to go home after work and cook. yay!


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